The Race is on for Real-time!


RSS As an avid RSS user for all my news feeds, I have been absolutely thrilled this week to read that despite the fact that some were heralding its untimely death, instead good old RSS had a trick up its sleeve. It too can update almost instantly. The ramifications of this are immense. After all, RSS is available everywhere. Most sites use it, its used for news feeds such as the BBC etc, its used for blogs, its used for comments on blogs. So you can understand my joy on reading that Dave Winer had programmed RSSCloud which WordPress then enabled for all of their RSS feeds!  Here is the news as it appeared in Dave Winer’s post at
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Any WordPress blog can be cloud-enabled

Monday, September 07, 2009 by Dave Winer.

A picture named umbrella.gifThis is worth a special post. Permalink to this paragraph

WordPress did two things today. Permalink to this paragraph

1. They enabled rssCloud support on This means that any weblog hosted on their server can publish real-time. This is the announcement that got all the attention. Permalink to this paragraph

2. But equally important is that you can install the rssCloud plug-in on any WordPress blog that you host and it adds a cloud element to your feed and handles notifications for subscribers. That’s how we got to be cloud-enabled. It takes a couple of minutes and you’re ready to go. Permalink to this paragraph Permalink to this paragraph

At almost the same time, those ex FriendFeed developers, now busy beavering away at Facebook were ready to release their offering Tornado which isn’t based on RSS feeds, but something called Python. (I am not into programming, or protocols so all this is all gobblygook to this Granny.)  So it looks as if I was right in my fortune telling that the next big thing was real-time and that the race for real-time services is only just beginning! It’s such an exciting time. And don’t forget, as these two begin to evolve we also have Google Wave coming soon to a browser near you!


It’s all go isn’t it? For me, I can’t help admitting my soft spot for RSS, and I shall be rooting for it to be widely adopted by all sites and applications. After all, most already use it in its slow form.

There’s never been a more exciting time in my opinion, and this Granny is determined to keep up with it all!


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4 Responses to The Race is on for Real-time!

  1. technogran says:

    Thank you both of you. Sorry I had not replied to you before. Have only just found your comments held up in my Spam folders on here! Ooops! I shall promise to keep my beady eye on it in future.

  2. Geoff Coupe says:

    Er, I dunno… Just because I can have real-time RSS added to my blog doesn’t mean to say that it will give me any real value-add. I can understand the value for news sites such as the BBC and newspapers, but for my witterings on my blog? I think not. I’ll stick to old-style RSS, thanks very much.

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