Social Networking overload.

thumbnailCAH8WGQV Are you like me suffering from Social Networking overload? Lately I seem to be subscribing to more and  more social networking sites that profess to be the latest ‘must have’ to enable you to keep tabs on all of your online friends and contacts.  it’s got so bad that I now find myself subscribing to sites that  promise to amalgamate all of my social networking sites into one place and keep them all organized for me so that I can keep on top of it all!

windowslive icon I’ve completely lost track to be honest of just how many sites I am currently subscribed to and despite being retired and therefore able to spend a great deal of my available time online I just haven’t the time to contribute to them all.  Of course the answer is to stop joining any more but as soon as I tell myself not to join or sign up to any new sites I will often find that I’ll read someone’s tweet about a fantastic new site they have found  that is the next big thing or I’ll read someone’s blog about a new ‘social networking’ service that’s the latest must have and next thing you know I’ve signed up and joined another one! 

Twitter_logo For my blogs I am now busy trying to find gadgets and plug-ins that  let my readers know just exactly which sites I use so that they can find me, although its highly unlikely they will come across me on any of them as I just don’t have the time, and lets be honest here, if a retired Granny hasn’t the time to contribute to lot’s of social networking sites  then who has?  I really will have to refrain from joining any more. It rather reminds me of those Sky users who pay out a huge amount every month so that they can have hundreds and hundreds of channels and then spend most of their time just watching the same old four or five they could get for free.  Besides which I have badly been neglecting my blogs of late, usually because I am too busy tweeting or else I am reading all the updates from my vast collection of  social networking sites!

friend_feed_logo_allrightsreserved Let’s face it, we can only be in one place at a time when we are online, no one can  be everywhere at once,  and I have realised this recently  having become aware of  just how many new services are becoming available just to help us keep on top of all that Social Networking we are all doing. The other downside of having all of these different Social Networking sites occurred recently  when I needed to upload  some photographs so that my family and friends  could  see them.  Instead of just uploading  them once  to one particular site, I found  myself having to upload them to my Windows Live SkyDrive, my flickr account and my Facebook account which meant that because I had  quite a few photos to upload the computer was  busy for up to an hour or more. (Is there a photo uploading service that you can upload your pictures to once and then it distributes your pics to all of your photo sites for you, and if not why not?)

digg-logo_2 I know that I am not alone in experiencing ‘Social Networking overload.’ When the Windows Live teams introduced Web Activities to Windows Live, quite a few users on there turned most of the updates from their friends off after finding them to be ‘too noisy’. As a matter of fact, I was personally informed by someone in my Network on Windows Live that  my twitter updates  were  ‘too much’ and so I ended up disabling most of my updates on there so I didn’t annoy others in my Network.

We might all feel that we need to be constantly  broadcasting every move we make whilst we are online, every picture we take, every news article we read, every new ‘social networking’ must have we have stumbled upon, but do remember everyone,  it doesn’t necessarily mean that your online friends want to be constantly reminded of your online presence or what you are doing from one minute to the next,  and they just might go and turn you right off!


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A granny and a geek? You bet! Still trying desperately to keep up with it all.

10 Responses to Social Networking overload.

  1. technogran says:

    Thank you very much for your comment Kelli sorry I have been an age replying but it had gone over into my ‘spam’ area which in typical Granny fashion, I had missed looking at in order to sift the wheat from the chaff! Apologies.

    So glad you like my posts, I shall be doing a lot more of them and I do hope you continue to enjoy

  2. Thank you for putting into words so beautifully what I’ve been feeling for the past few months!

    Great blog. I wish I knew you when I was a newbie 🙂

    • Technogran says:

      Thank you Sandra that is a compliment! Trouble is, because I’m an older ‘Geek’ I was worrying that it was just me, seeing as I have lost my multi-tasking abilities round about the age of 50.
      I try to stop myself from joining the latest thing, but……….its like a sort of illness, you worry that you might be missing something (well I do!) Just joined one called simler and actually I really like that site.
      You make use of tags of your interests to find others who have the same tags. Take a look, its well laid out and works well.

      • I know, I wrote about Simler and you commented, that’s how I found your blog 🙂

        I feel the same way, compelled to try out the new networks for worry of missing something, but also hoping to find new people with similar interests, new ways of sharing infortmation and so on. But somehow Simler does feel different, doesn’t it? I was actually curious if anyone else felt the same way. For me it’s like I don’t have to shout anymore, feels like a place where you can really have civilized and meaningful conversations. Let’s see how it evolves 🙂

  3. Technogran says:

    Sandra (that’s my name as well by the way) I will probably stay on simler because its so simple to make new friends on there and yet your also at the same time able to be ‘picky choosy’ if you know what I mean. I have invited others who have at least four or five tags the same as mine.
    That ensures that we have lot’s in common to talk about….its a brilliant concept actually to find folks with the same interests.
    Only downside for me will be you can’t blog on there, but………..I feel a post coming on! LOL
    By the way, how do you get those smileys into your comments?

  4. Geoff Coupe says:

    I’m glad to say that I have not been assimilated into the Facebook or Twitter Borgs, and neither do I have any desire to be so. Blogs and email are sufficient for me, thank you very much!

    • technogran says:

      That is your prerogative Geoff and your choice, but Twitter especially I need to advertise my blog posts, but then I do like to let everyone know as they are mostly how-to’s and help posts so the more that are aware of them the better.

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