Live Photo Gallery v Google Picasa. round 2.

Sharing your photographs in Picasa.

As I am comparing these two programs from a newbie’s point of view and how they might make use of them both,  I decided that next I would compare how easy it is to share your photographs with other people, as that is probably the next thing that a new user might want to do.  They may want to send their newly edited photographs to someone in an e-mail, or upload them to an online site such as  Facebook to share with family and friends.

PIcasa choices for sharing In Picasa, the choices offered for sharing a particular batch of photos are found at the bottom of the main screen.  You can choose to do the following with your selected photographs, you can upload them to the Picasa web albums, send them in an e-mail, print out your selected photos, copy them to another hard disc, you can buy prints from an online provider, post them to a blog on Blogger if you have one, create a collage with these photos, make a  movie with them or Geo-Tag them using Google Maps.  That’s quite a choice, but a new user will probably just want to send them in an e-mail or perhaps upload them to a site where others can then view them.

Choice of Email program for sending your pictures Most of the icons used are nice and large and also mostly self explanatory as to their use.  Clicking on the Email icon will bring up a window containing your desktop email program (in my case Windows Live Mail) or offer to use Google Mail instead. You can make sure that your choice for this is permanent by  ticking the ‘’Remember this setting, don’t display this dialog again’.  There’s also a handy Help offered as well. 

As I use the desktop email program Windows Live Mail I was then able to choose to send these photos as a photo mail.  Alternatively you can upload your photos online to Picasa web albums where you can then inform your family and friends  that they can view them.  If you don’t already have a Web Album you can create one and this will require a Google mail address.  You can also stipulate who can see the photos once they are uploaded.

Uploading to Picasa web albumsThe printing offer Shop is a good idea for those users who don’t own a printer and there are quite a few different sites to choose from  such as SnapFish,, Klick and Bonusprint to name but a few and these choices will be  different depending on which country you reside in.

Sharing your photos in Live Photo Gallery.

Choices for sharing in Photo GalleryThe different choices for sharing your photos in Photo Gallery are found on the toolbar at the top of the main window.  Again, you can choose to e-mail your photos to someone and clicking on email will take you directly to Windows Live mail and the photo email page (see picture below) so that you can then send your chosen photos to someone as a photo email.  Because Photo Gallery is part of the Essentials suite of programs which also contains Windows Live mail, obviously these two programs are meant to work well together and this shows by how your photos are automatically inserted straight into a photo email.

Windows Live mail synced with photo galleryAlternatively you can upload them to either Windows Live if you have an account there, or  alternatively you can upload them to flickr.  With the addition of a plug in you can also upload them to your Facebook account as well.

Publishiing to flickr When uploading to either Windows Live or flickr via the Publish tab,  you are allowed to choose  which folder (or set in the case of flickr) to upload to, and also set up permissions for who can view these photos. To add more services to upload to such as Facebook, you just choose More Services where you are then taken to the Windows Live Photo site which then lists the plug ins available to you.  Its a pretty comprehensive list consisting of Facebook, SmugMug, Picasa Web Albums, PIxelPipe, Iperuty, Multiply and Drupal. 

In order to sum up the sharing choices given to the user in both programs, I feel that they offer very different options in regard to how they approach which sites you can publish your photos to with Picasa only giving the choice of its own Website, whilst Photo Gallery gives the user a range of options including Picasa’s, so Photo Gallery is definitely more versatile and ‘’open’ in this respect.

In my next post I plan to take a look at the more complex editing features of both programs and compare just how easy they are to use.  


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  1. technogran says:

    Glad you like it. I like to do comparisons of programs which are similar. I will be coming to my conclusions shortly….

  2. Thanks. Good post

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