Which Collage do you prefer?

Here are two Collages of my photos using different programs. One has been made with Auto Collage ( a downloadable plug in for Windows Live Photo Gallery and available to trial from HERE) and the other made with Google’s Picasa inbuilt collage feature. .  Just curious as to which one looks the more attractive to you.


Snow through the window

Answers on a postcard please!



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5 Responses to Which Collage do you prefer?

  1. I like the Picasa photo collage, it looks sharper and cleaner as apposed to the photo gallery one. I like the photo paper framing too.

  2. Bunny says:

    I like the Auto Collage; it appeals to my muddled outlook on life. Far more atmospheric too.

  3. technogran says:

    Richard. How did you know which was which? I too like the Picasa one because you can choose to have one of the photos as the background. (or choose a colour for the plain background if you wish. I think that the Picasa one looks better the more photos you include. there were only 7 photos in this, and it looks a bit sparse.
    Bunny. Yes it does look muddled. Each photo sort of ‘blends into the next’ making them look indistinct Of course Auto Collage does have more settings you can tweek, so if there is a person in one of the photos, you can choose to have that photo larger than the others and given more prominence.
    Hmm. One vote each then. Its even steven so far!

  4. Stuart says:

    I prefer the Picasa one, it does look sharper with the scatter effect and framing and I prefer the background being a single image. The blurred edges don’t really look that attractive to me…

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