Blogging with Windows Live Writer 5.

Inserting a Photo Album.

One of the most attractive features of Windows Live Writer that you can insert into your blog post is the Photo Album feature. This was introduced during the last big update to Live Writer in Wave 3. When would you feel like including a whole Photo Album into a post? Well, you might have been on a day trip or a holiday somewhere or just simply visited a place where you took quite a few photos. Maybe you attended someone’s wedding or christening or a family gathering. You don’t have to include lot’s and lot’s of photos either in order to make use of this feature, it still  works just as well if you only have about five or six photographs or pictures that you would like to include in your blog. So let’s add a Photo Album shall we?

1. Click on Photo Album from the right hand side Menu column under Insert.  Firstly you are asked to give your Photo Album a name, so type in a name into the Name box.  Note the two tabs at the top of the window. The first one From Files allows you to include pictures and photos from your photo files on your computer. The second tab From Existing Photo Album includes any photo files that you may already have stored in your SkyDrive online. If you are a new Windows Live user then of course you won’t have any Photo Album files available at this time in your SkyDrive.

2. Click on the green plus sign Add Photos and another window will then open containing all of your photo files.

Adding some pictures for Photo Album3. To choose your pictures from your files just click and drag across those photos that you want to include and then click on Open. Your pictures will be included in the Drag and drop area in the window. If you wish to add some more pictures from a different folder, then simply choose another folder or photo and select it to add it.  If you decide that you do not wish to include one or more of the photos then again then just click on that photo/photos and then select the orange minus sign Remove Photos. When you are happy with your selection for your photo album, click on Insert.

.As you can see, the album is displayed as a Spread by default  with each photograph slightly overlapping the next one to it in a tilted fashion. At the moment its quite small in size and placed inline inside the blog page by default. Let’s change its position first of all. Let’s place it in the centre.

4. Click on the Photo Album to bring up the Photo Album Menu sidebar, and then under Text Wrapping, click on the small arrow and select Centre.

Now our Photo Album is in the centre but its still pretty small! Let’s make it larger. Lets make it as wide as the writing area.

5. Click on the Photo Album again but this time, we’re going to drag the photo album at one of the corners to make it larger so click on one of the corner squares, hold down the mouse button and drag the corner across the blog page in order to enlarge the whole Spread.

Ahh, that’s better! Don’t like the sequence of pictures that are showing? You can change that easily as well.

6. Simply click on top of your photo album and then select from the Photo Album menu, Change cover pictures and then keep clicking on it to cycle through the pictures on display until you are happy with their sequence. Don’t like that particular Spread display?

7. Try the other Album Styles out for your Photo Album by clicking on your photo album and from the Menu bar under album style, click on Spread and then try one of the other Styles out from the drop down list. You can also alter the appearance and way its displayed (especially the ‘Scatter’ display shown above)  by also clicking on Change Cover pictures. Try it out and see the effects! Keep clicking on Change Cover pictures until you are happy with your Scatter display.

Lastly here’s my personal favourite Photo Album display. I like this one because it looks like all of your photos are laid out like a pack of cards. It’s the Fan display. Have fun trying out all of the Album styles to see which one you like best. When you post your blog up to Spaces, the Photo Album will be saved to your SkyDrive as a complete new album of photos.


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