Blogging with windows live writer. 7

Inserting a table.

When would you want to insert a table into your blog post?  Well, you might be wanting to post up a Recipe for example and need to keep all your ingredients lined up in a well formatted and attractive manner and  inserting a table allows you to do this. Many think of a table as just for numbers but in fact you can use it for anything where you need to keep the contents separate from each other and lined up in a neat and orderly manner so that the presentation looks neat and attractive.

So let’s me show you how inserting a table can help!  First of all I need to decide how I want my table to look. I only need to keep my content in two separate lines (or columns) so I’ll choose to use that format for my table.

MyTableI click on Table from the Insert tab after making sure that the cursor is placed inside my post exactly where I want my table to appear.  The Insert Table window then opens where I can now decide how I want my table to look.  As I only require two columns for mine, and one row I choose 2 columns and one row.  Next I must decide how wide I require the table to be. I need it the width of my writing space so I’ll choose 600 pixels wide for this blog. Now I can begin to insert my content into each column.

Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream
Mini Marshmallows
Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate flavoured fudge sauce
Chocolate Flake

 Hmm.  Each ingredient is fairly close to the next one in the list so I think I will keep them all separate from each other by giving each ingredient a separate row. That  will then give me more control over the distance for each ingredient in the list and how it displays. So I am going to change my table to 2 columns and three rows.  Here is my new table. 

Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Ice Cream Chocolate flavoured fudge sauce
Mini Marshmallows Chocolate Flake

 Now I can alter the distance between each ingredient by altering the size of the area between each row by simply ‘padding out’ the distance between them. I do this by altering the size of the ‘Space between cells’ and making it a larger amount. I have changed mine from 2 to 10. You can make yours any number you like of course.

Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Ice Cream Chocolate flavoured fudge sauce
Mini Marshmallows Chocolate Flake

 That looks better!  Next I need to format the contents of each ingredient because I want them to display centrally in each cell so that it looks neat.  In order to do that I just right click on the table, select Column Properties and then choose for the Horizontal alignment Centre, and for the Vertical Alignment the middle and then press OK. All of your cells within your columns will now format the text inside them in the middle centre of each cell.

Now that looks more or less how I want my table contents formatted apart from the text.

Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Ice Cream Chocolate flavoured fudge sauce
Mini Marshmallows Chocolate Flake

 I want to use a different font and text size from the default. One more in keeping with a recipe or Menu for example. I can do this by highlighting the whole table and then choosing a different font and size.  I’ll choose Brush Script MT size 24.

Menu grab for fonts

 I can even change the colour of the text if I wish for this particular recipe so that it looks ‘chocolaty’. Now my ingredient list is complete. All I need to do now is make the table ‘invisible’ so that the text looks as if it is simply lined up without having used a table and then my neatly lined up ingredients can be displayed under a title for this recipe.

In order to do this I simply click inside my table and untick the box next to Show table border and then the whole table will now become invisible inside my post.  I just need to add the title above it for this Recipe like so

Completed Menu 

And that’s my finished Chocolate Indulgence recipe ingredients!  You can also insert a picture into a table as well if you wish.   I hope that I have shown you how useful inserting a table into your post can be allowing you to easily create pristine looking Menu’s, recipe’s or anything else that needs that extra formatting of your text. Try it out yourself and see what you can come up with!


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2 Responses to Blogging with windows live writer. 7

  1. Tim says:

    Maybe my version is defective, but I can never get Live Writer to work this way for creating a table. For some odd reason, whenever I try to untick the “show table border”, the table still shows up (in preview). Also when it’s ticked, I can’t see the columns in the edit tab, but I can in the preview tab. Worse yet, the vertical lines for a table disappear in the preview tab, no matter what. I’m using Build 14.0.8089.726 eng
    Is there another version I should be using? Have you run into this problem before? At first, I thought it was a WordPress issue, but I see that you’re on WordPress and are able to do it, so now I’m thinking it’s a program issue or, as my IT guy likes to say, “user error”. Can you be of any help? Thanks!

  2. Technogran says:

    You might need to refresh the theme in Writer. To do this, click on VIEW, then REFRESH THEME and try again. It should work as above. If it still doesn’t work, you might have to delete that theme and then re-install it.

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