Blogging with Windows Live Writer.8

Inserting a Video.

There are bound to be times when you need to include a video into your post. You may own a video recorder, see a video online that you would like to post about, or maybe you have made a video using your favourite pictures using the excellent free Windows Live Movie Maker  included with the Live Essentials suite of programs.

Live Writer makes it so easy to add a video to your blog post so here’s how!  First of all, you will need to be subscribed to YouTube if you do not already have one  on there because Writer uses YouTube in order to be able to have access your videos inside your blog posts.

Next decide whereabouts in your text or blog you would like to place your video. After making sure that your cursor is positioned at the exact place, click on Video from the Insert list. You will then see the Insert Video window appear with three tab choices at the top which are as follows, From Web, From File and from Video Service.  As From Web is the default tab in use when you access this window, then all you need to do is type in the URL of your chosen video that you would like to add to your post  into the URL box below the three tabs.  Your chosen video will then appear in the window, and all you need do is then click on Insert and it will be inserted into  your post.

Inserting a Video

The From File choice allows you to place a video into your post from the video files that you have on your computer. This becomes especially handy if you make a lot of home videos yourself using Movie Maker for example.  In order to do this, click on the From File tab and you will then see another window open with lots of details to fill in.  First you need to input your YouTube user name and password so that Writer can upload your video file.  Next by clicking on the small box to the right hand side of the Video File box, you will be able to choose from all of your available video files that you have currently stored  on your computer.

The title of your video will automatically be inserted if you have already named it, but you can alter this if you wish and also add some tags to your video. Then decide a Category for your video from the list provided and lastly you need to tick the YouTube terms of use followed by  clicking on Insert.  Your chosen video from your files will then  be uploaded to YouTube and then inserted into your text.  NOTE. You do need to be patient as the upload to YouTube can take quite some time!

From a File If you already have quite a few videos available on YouTube, then the From Video Service is probably the better choice to make. Clicking on From Video service will then allow you to quickly access to all your videos available on YouTube, and you can just click on the one that you would like to insert into your blog post.

Choosing from your videos on YouTubeWhen your video has been inserted into your post you can alter its size, its position within your text and also give it a caption as well if you wish.  In order to do this, click on the video to bring up the Video Menu on the right.  You will see the same Layout choice as you have used with your pictures. You can place the video inline, to the left or right (to allow text wrapping) or in the centre of your text which is useful if you prefer the video to be the full width of your blog.  You can also add some margins around your video in the same manner as with your pictures  if you want to avoid your text from butting right up to the video area.

You can alter the size of the display of your video by clicking on it and then click on one of the corners, hold and drag across until you are happy with its size. As my video already has a title ‘Trip to the Dentist’ I am not going to bother adding a caption, but if you wish to do so, simply type in your chosen text into the top box in the Video menu and it will be added below the video.

I do hope that this post has helped you to see how easy it is to add a video inside your post using Windows Live Writer. Next post we’ll take a look at Adding some  very useful plug-ins that make Writer even more versatile than it already is! I’ll run through some of my favourites and show you how to use them.



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6 Responses to Blogging with Windows Live Writer.8

  1. Ishan says:

    I started blogging because of Windows Live Writer, and ironically, I am not able to use it anymore as it is not working on my system.

  2. Foxy says:

    Hey Technogran,

    I need a little help with Windows Live Writer… After getting it setup I tried using it and everything works except that my text does not automatically wrap.

    In other words if I press and hold a key on the keyboard the text will continue running right, endlessly; my text never wraps to a new line like it does within the wordpress editor… Without the text wrapping I really don’t know how my formatting of pictures and such will look and the program becomes near worthless.

    Is there any way to get the program to auto-wrap?



    • Technogran says:

      Well Foxy I will see if I can help you to get Live Writer on track. First of all, where is your blog is it on here at Is the theme one of the standard ones? It sounds like Writer has not ‘synced’ with your blog settings correctly, either that or Writer needs to be re-installed. Let’s try the first option first shall we?
      1. Get Writer to re-sync with your blog theme by clicking on View from the Writer taskbar and then click on ‘Refresh Theme.’ Let Writer try to download all settings again. Then try to input some text. Does it still occur? If so, next try a full re-sync by first of all going to Tools, Accounts and then Delete that account. If its your only blog then Writer won’t let you do this, so you will have to re-install Live Writer from scratch.
      So go to after removing Live Writer from you computer, and download it again.
      Now input all the details once more for your blog, which site, your user name and password and then let Writer download all your theme/layout/fonts/formatting again.
      Hopefully this should cure the problem. I have loads of blog sites and I have never had this problem.
      Get back to me if all this doesn’t work.

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