Windows Live Writer 11.

Changing your blog theme.

In this post I intend to cover re-syncing Windows Live Writer if you ever decide to change the theme in your blog.  We all tend to do this from time to time especially me, I am always trying out different themes for my blogs, especially on Blogger.  Once you have set up your new theme on whatever blogging site you happen to use, then its very important to update your blogs Windows Live Writer  settings so that it can fully work with your new theme or the formatting etc will be incorrect for any of your new posts.

At the moment I am using the Journalist theme on this WordPress blog, and to give Windows Live Writer a very tough test in its syncing abilities, I intend for this post to change it to a much wider theme.  I’ll take some screen grabs of the Live Writer compose screen before and after in order to illustrate how this works . First of all, here is my current theme inside the  Live Writer compose window. 

My Current theme in Live Writer

Next I will go and choose another theme for this WordPress blog. To really tax Live Writer I have changed from an average width theme  to a much wider one . See the next screen shot of my new chosen theme in WordPress.

New theme in WordPress

Next I need to update Live Writer  so that I can see exactly how my posts will look like inside the compose window. In order to do this  I click on the View tab and then select Refresh Theme from the drop down list. Live Writer will then attempt to  sync itself with your newly chosen  theme. As soon as Live Writer has completed its download of your new settings for your new theme, it should then appear in Writer’s composing window.

Allowing Writer to pubish a test post to your blog NOTE. If Live Writer asks you if it can publish a temporary post to your new theme then click on YES. That post will be automatically deleted once Writer has the full configuration of the new theme.

New Theme inside Live Writer

To illustrate this, here’s a picture of my new WordPress theme inside the Windows Live Writer compose screen!  Now isn’t that clever?  I can now see exactly how my posts will look inside my new theme. Next post I’ll show you how to set up all those plug-ins that only tend to function as you publish your blog post to your blog such as Facebook Notification, DiggThis, Twitter Notify etc and TweetMeme.





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2 Responses to Windows Live Writer 11.

  1. Tim says:

    Any chance you know how to disable WordPress from sending an email out to your subscribers when a temporary post is published? The email that gets sent out looks…well…unprofessional to say the least.

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