Windows Live, stats and nostalgia.

Seeing as I have been so bored waiting for the new Wave 4 updates to arrive,  I thought I’d do some ‘homework’ on the Windows Live site itself. Who uses it? How many users per month? Are there less users now than there were last year? What sort of user is the ‘average user’ of Windows Live? What do users search for and what do they mainly use when they are on the site?   These are questions I often ask myself as a Windows Live user, and so I recently did a search for a ‘Social Site statistics’ site and found Alexa.

I chose this site because it was easily understood by someone like me who has never really used statistics before and I was quickly able to find the information I was interested in as its all made available from the same page. I could see where the Windows Live site was doing in relation to other Social Networking sites worldwide and also in my own country. As Windows Live used to be the second most popular site visited by users in the UK, I wanted to see whereabouts it came in relation to other sites usage now. Here are some screen grabs of the results.

Traffic rank for Windows Live2

The peak in the Traffic rank seems to me to coincide with the launch of Windows 7. You can see this ‘peak’ better in this Page Views view.

Page Veiws ove last year Where would the Windows Live site come in the United Kingdom list of sites? Remember it used to be the second  most popular site in the UK only lagging behind Facebook.

Top Ten sites in UK Of more interest to me though was the Audience demographic of who actually uses the Windows Live site. Professional/Business users? Information Technology experts? Young Entrepreneurs? Busy working folks using their mobiles and/or laptops as they journey around the country? Young families wanting to share photos. etc?

Who actually users Windows Live

Well, would you believe it!  Seems like this Gran ends up being the ‘average’ user after all!    One nice little touch though is that you can ‘journey back’ in time to see the birth of the site by using the ‘Wayback Machine’ accessable from the bottom of the page and I went on a journey right back to when Windows Live was simply a search box (not unlike Google’s home page today!) but eventually I ended up finding this very nostalgic page. 

Ahh Memories

TG Why not take a look at it all yourself? And check out your favourite site? Visit 


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