Talking about the new Microsoft Fix it Centre.

The Fix it guy PC users who begin to experience problems with their computer and need an easy to use method of fixing those problems might be interested in trying out the new Fix it Centre from Microsoft. Not only is this application very extensive but its also a breeze to use even for a newbie to computing. I’ve been trying it out to see how well it all works and I am so pleased with the results that I thought I would do this how-to post for other users.

Fix it Centre portal

1. Firstly you need to grab the Fix it Centre from and download it to your computer.


2. Agree to the Software Licensing terms and click on Next. The download will then begin.

Set up and personalize for this PC

3. Next, the Fix it Centre needs to be set up and personalized for your PC so select Now and then click on Next. The Fix it Centre will then select the type of Troubleshooters it recommends for your particular PC. In my case it has selected two, one for Internet Explorer freezes and/or crashes and also one for Video Freezes/crashes in Internet Explorer or Windows programs. Once your Troubleshooters have been chosen, click on Next.

The two trouble shooters for my set up

4. You will then be asked to create an account at the Microsoft Fix it Centre Online, so click on Next

Create a Fix it acount

5. Fill in your credentials. You can use a current Windows Live ID. Click on Next.

6. Now you will be asked to send information about your computer to the Microsoft Fix it Centre Online in order to help you find answers to any problems that you might be experiencing with your computer. The Microsoft Fix it Centre will then send information about your hardware, software, and any computer problems, including any  troubleshooting results on your computer to a secure Microsoft server. You can choose either Yes or No. Once you have chosen, click on Next.

Sending info about my comp

7. And that’s it! The set up is complete so click on Finish.

Total help areas offered in Fix itI put the Fix it Centre through its paces by getting it to solve some problems I had been experiencing with Internet Explorer 8.  It was slow to load up certain websites and often had problems connecting to certain websites as well. It also sometimes froze on me, so by choosing the Internet Explorer freezes or crashes choice from the comprehensive list offered and also the Internet Explorer Performance choice and then clicking on Run for both of them, I was then able to check just how well the new Fix it Centre works at solving my particular problems.

Following clicking on Run I was then offered the choice of Detect problems and apply the fixes for me (Recommended) which I chose. The program then ran through all of its fixes for me.  After applying these two fixes my  Internet Explorer 8  is now fixed! Also the Bing Bar which I use is also now displaying as it should! (It had stopped displaying previously.)  So as far as I am concerned the new Microsoft Fix it Centre really does do its job! Above  you can see just how many different areas the new Fix it Centre covers. It’s quite a list of ‘Fix it’s’ I think you’ll agree!



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  1. Mathews says:

    Yes it works. Thanks

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