Sorry About all the Theme Changes!

From Me.

My heartfelt apologies to everyone who bothers to read this blog!  You must be absolutely fed up with all these frequent theme changes I keep making on here.  Mind you, you can also blame the new WordPress Theme Team for coming up with some spanking new themes as well.  I do have to try them out to see if they fit my needs every time a new one is introduced. It’s in my nature I’m afraid to try new things out.

I will be sticking with this one for the foreseeable future I promise because it allows you to have a much wider writing area which I prefer. However, its not perfect as a glance to your immediate right will testify! Note the tiny miniscule text for all the Sidebar Widgets! I do  hope that all of you have either 20/20 vision or a good magnifying glass handy!

In my next post, I intend to do one of my comparisons and this time it will appropriately be about versus Blogger. Both of these blogging sites are free to use, but both offer some very different features to their users and approach customization in entirely different ways, so watch out for that won’t you? In the meantime, keep on blogging!



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11 Responses to Sorry About all the Theme Changes!

  1. Dave Howes says:

    Nothing wrong with a bit of change 🙂 Brings a whole new excitement to looking at your blog!

  2. Dave Howes says:

    P.S. Some of the writing is a bit small though! I think you can change it if you dig deep enough

  3. technogran says:

    Which writing Dave? Mine? Or the one in the sidbar widgets?

  4. Sandra Lee says:

    Glad you got your wider writing space! Looks good. I’ve been exploring this theme too on a test blog, but so far I prefer Intuit Types for me. But we are all different so a theme for every soul!!!!! This is what can be done with Intuit Types if you have the CSS upgrade:
    Lighter background to the widgets! But I’m too technically challenged for that.

    Stay well. I’ll stay tuned to hear your thoughts on blogger vs. wordpress. I started off on blogger but am now a wordpress fan.

    • technogran says:

      Yes Sandra I saw that toomuchlatte blog myself and loved the colour he has used. It’s more subtle. Actually when they first introduced this one, I didn’t realise that you could so easily stiputate how wide you wanted both the writing area and the sidebar to be. Bit of number adjustments for the width (in pixels) and its done!
      Like you, I haven’t a clue about HTML or CSS sheets either and hate having to mess around with anything like that anyway.
      I also have another blog (I’m alll over the place!) on Blogger and have altered some of the HTML over there but only because you are ‘hand held’ with it all by the theme coders/changers for whichever theme you choose to use.
      I do like Inuit themes as well, its just a pity that like this theme they didn’t give you more choice over the colours to use.

  5. Dave Howes says:

    Just a small problem with your new theme, (although it doesn’t really affect you directly)
    As you know, I have my blog embedded on my website at . I was looking at it there and clicked on you to check up on what you have been up to. When it opened it looked like this!!!!!
    Because of the way the theme is written your blog is actually transparent!
    As I say, probably won’t affect you directly, but it’s another proof that all this AJAX web designing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be 🙂

  6. Dave Howes says:

    Also, looking at my post down there, not very good at auto-spacing either!

    • technogran says:

      Dave what on earth do you do? How come all the other comments etc look okay and yours has huge spacing inside it? LOL
      You didn’t answer my query about the size of the text that you commented on. Do you mean the size of text used in the sidebar Widgets or in my actual posts?
      Please elaborate.

  7. Dave Howes says:

    It’s mainly the text you type into the ‘leave a message’ box. My screen is covered in marks where my nose has been pressed against it…………….

    • technogran says:

      Yes Dave I know what you mean! I shall have to resort to providing all my readers with some magnifying glasses. There’s always something not quite right isn’t there? Ah for the perfect theme!

  8. Dave Howes says:

    All the sidebar bits are a bit small too though :S

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