Blogging with Windows Live Writer. 10.

Adding Some Plug-ins. Cool Emotion, Bullets and Horizontal Line.

In this post, I intend to cover some more Live Writer plug-ins that many of you might find useful. These are the Cool Emotion plug-in, the Bullets plug-in and the Horizontal Line plug in. These three plug-ins do not have their own sidebar menu as the Polaroid Picture plug in and therefore do not warrant as much explanation.

1. To add them, Click on the Add a plug-in from the bottom of the Insert list in the Sidebar menu. You will need to search for them by inputting their names into the search box on Windows Live Gallery. Once they are installed on your computer, they will appear in the Insert list in Windows Live Writer. Firstly, we’ll take a look at the Cool Emotion plug in.

2. Click on Cool Emotion from the list. The Cool Emotion window will then open.  You have a total of 13 separate pages of different emoticons to add to the text of your blog. Emoticons are useful to give your readers that extra insight about how you feel personally regarding the content inside your blog post or just to add a bit of fun!

Inserting lots of cool emoticons3. You can add as many emoticons at a time as you wish. Simply click the ones you wish to add to your text and then  click on Insert. To access the other pages, click on the number box at the top and choose another page number. Try them all out! They’re so cool!


4. Next well try the Horizontal Line plug in which is really simple to use and all you need to do if you wish to insert a horizontal line into your text is simply make sure your cursor is at the position where you wish the line to appear, and then click on Horizontal Line from the Insert list. (See above and below.)

5. The last one well take a look at is the Bullets plug in. What on earth are bullets? Well, if you wish to list some points inside a post for example, you could use either numbers to do so or bullets. You would normally use numbers if you were doing a blog post about something where you needed the reader to know which step was before the next one. (like in many of my how-to’s)  However, if your content was not necessarily sequential or ‘step by step’ for the reader to follow but simply a list of points that can be read in any order, then bullets are normally used.  Normally bullets are usually simple black ‘dots’. The Bullets plug in allows you to ‘spice up’ your points that you wish to make inside your blog post so that they look more attractive as I will illustrate below.

     Here is my very first point.
     And here is my second point.

6. You can specify how many bullets you wish to use from the Bullets window, choose which bullet to use, how much space you wish to place between the bullet and  your text and also add your own customised bullets in the Custom Bullets tab.


  These star one’s look pretty cool.
  Don’t they?
  Or don’t you like them? They are found in the Custom Bullets tab.

  • Here so that you can compare is the usual ‘bullet’ which is simply a black dot. So to sum up the bullets plug in allows you to use some more attractive bullets to your points made inside your blog post.

In my next post, we’ll take a look at the other kind of plug-in for writer. The one’s that are not visible in the Insert list, but instead are invoked only when you publish a post and/or are included as a ‘button’ in your post for your readers to make use of so that they can ‘spread the word’ about your blog. 


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11 Responses to Blogging with Windows Live Writer. 10.

  1. ROCKET says:

    Very cool, TG. I’ve been using live Writer for the past year and you’re teaching me things I didn’t know.

  2. technogran says:

    That’s what I like to hear Rocket Man!

  3. Paul says:

    I happen to like Live Writer though I don’t use all the extras. I’m just happy it has a spell check. I need it.

  4. technogran says:

    Thanks Paul for that comment. We all need spellcheck, I certainly do!

  5. Here I Am says:

    I have been using live writer since about my 3rd blog. It made creating blogs so easy offline. I too don’t use all the fancy stuff.. I so love the spell check also.. I love being able to add the photos right from my computer while creating the blog… Anyway thanks for sharing..

  6. technogran says:

    Thanks for the comment Carrie.

  7. Cassie says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Cool Emotion IE 8 and Vista had an attack when I started downloading and installing it but I said "No! TG vouches for its safety and that’s good enough for ME!(Norton agreed with you, btw) 🙂

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