WordPress.com versus Blogger.com 3.


This has been a really difficult post to do and I have been unable to arrive at any final conclusion about both of these excellent free blogging sites. Both have their respective strengths. Both are easy to set up for beginner bloggers, and you can soon be blogging away to your hearts content with the minimum of fuss.

bloggerIconIt’s when you look at the available themes on each of the sites and how customisable they are that things begin to look rather different. Blogger does not offer all that many default themes, instead seeming to prefer to rely on others to easily port and convert both themes and widgets over to Blogger instead, whereas WordPress.com doesn’t allow this, instead preferring to have there own inside team creating themes and templates for the site.

In that sense as long as you either know some HTML or CSS style sheets or are prepared to be brave and dip your toes in the water (or just take a deep breath and have a go at editing the HTML of your chosen Theme) then Blogger is certainly the preferred blogging site if you want a truly unique theme that you have made your very own.  Added to that, Blogger recently introduced the new Blogger Template Designer which I have tried out, and that is easy to use even for a beginner, and it could be argued that once more theme’s/templates/styles are available then it will be possible to also create a unique theme for your blog using that feature as well.

Wordpress WordPress.com on the other hand has not been taking things lying down! Oh no! Armed with their newly formed Theme Team (love the name) they are now churning out new themes (currently running at once a week at least) like there’s no tomorrow, and even more importantly the new themes tend to be far more customisable than the older themes on there. Where WordPress.com does excel in my opinion is the Dashboard, where just about everything you could wish to see about your blog (and more) is handily placed and accessible from just the one page.

So in the end, I can’t really come to any clear decision about these two excellent free blogging sites. They both have their respective strengths and weaknesses, but really end up level with each other in my opinion.  However, whether or not this will be true in say a years time when WordPress.com’s Theme Team have listened to their users and churned out some fantastic fully customisable themes is a moot point.

One feature they both lack in my personal opinion is a feature that we used to have on Live Spaces before the Wave 3 updates. The ability to search for other bloggers with the same interests as yourself, or the same age, or from the same country so that you could then easily find like minded bloggers to make friends with and which would truly make them also full blogging social networks. Let’s face it, how many of us prefer to get to know someone by reading their stories and posts before deciding to become friends, rather than being expected to friend someone online purely by reading their profile or a one line message which ends up telling you nothing much at all about them?

One things for certain, its going to be very interesting to watch what occurs with these two blogging platforms from now on!




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8 Responses to WordPress.com versus Blogger.com 3.

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  2. MG says:

    No offense, but this post is pretty far off base. Blogger isn’t even 1/25th as customizable as WordPress. You can customize a theme for WordPress to the point where you can’t even tell it’s a blog anymore.

    I don’t see Blogger as being able to hold a candle to WordPress. The only people who should use Blogger are those who are overwhelmed by the number of options and capabilities of WordPress.

    • technogran says:

      How? I am using both and there are thousands of Templates for blogger that even I who don’t have a clue about HTML have been able to make my own. Where are all the Grunge themes on WordPress.com? They all look the same! all you are allowed to do is perhaps add a header (with some of the themes) or maybe your own background and that’s it!
      How do you change the fonts used without paying? Or widen the writing area to your taste. I only post what I have found and if you go to BTemplates here http://btemplates.com/ every one of those is customizable and work with Blogger. There are thousands to choose from. Or are you talking about WordPress.org? I am not.

  3. Louise says:

    MG, Couldn’t disagree more, I use both Blogger and WordPress.com (not org, as I don’t have the desire to host my own site) and I find WordPress VERY frustrating. Things I could do in three seconds on blogger I spend a hour looking for a solution, only to find that you can ONLY do that on the .org version. This so annoying, they have shut so many features off, always with a cry or ‘oh it’s security!!’ Come one people! If it wasn’t for the many other people that link to the Club website I maintain on WordPress, I’d move it in a second to Blogger.

    • technogran says:

      I agree with you entirely Louise. However, I do see a change on here, a wake up call? Blogger is so much more ‘user friendly’ as you say and there are tons of modules/widgets etc that you can easily use on Blogger that you can’t use on here. My favourite flickr photo widget is just one example. See here http://www.roytanck.com/get-my-flickr-widget/ from Roy Tanck. Blogger is somehow more ‘open’ both to users and also coders.

  4. foreualways says:

    I use them both! I pretty put the same post up to both using Windows Live Writer or ScribeFire. I got to say that I like them both! Now on that note I haven’t pushed the envelope with either one!

  5. Shona says:

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