Flickr’s new Photo Page.

For those of you who make use of Flickr to store, share and display all of your photos (and also make friends into the bargain!) you might not have noticed the brilliant new Photo page which was released recently. Its not compulsory to use it, you can still use the older version if you wish, but its so fantastic with some very useful additions which are all available from that page that I thought I would post about it. 

First of all, your photos are now displayed in a larger size than was previously used in the old photo page. 


The new Photo Page in Flickr

You can move onto the next photo by either clicking on the Next, Newer or Older tab above the photo or alternatively by using the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard. On the right hand side of the photo is your Avatar and name followed by some details of the photo, such as the date taken and the camera used. Besides giving each photo a title the new photo page also invites you to give it a description as well so that anyone viewing it will be able to read more information about it.

Input the place where you took the pic

Underneath the info about the camera used is a new geo-tagging feature using Yahoo maps  which let’s you geo-tag your photos by placing them on the exact spot on the map where they were taken.  This is so easy to use, all that you need to do is enter the place where the photo was taken into the maps search bar and then ‘drag and drop’ your photo onto it.  You can choose exactly who sees the location where you took the photo and all you do once you are happy with your choice is click on Save Location. You can the view all of your geo-tagged photos in a larger map if you wish. 

Drag and drop the photo where it was taken Underneath the new geotagging is the persons photostream that photo belongs to and also the name of the photostream it appears in, then a people adding feature so that you can add someone’s name who is in the photo. Below you can add some tags to your photo and any additional information such as which program was used to upload the photo is also included.

In the middle of the older/newer tabs you will notice a magnifying glass. By clicking on that, or alternatively the actual photo itself  you can enlarge the photo and begin to use the built in viewer which Flickr have called the ‘lightbox’  in order to view the rest of the photos in that set. This shows them off at their best because it uses a black background and if the person viewing your photos  hovers their mouse over the photo, details about that photo are shown at the bottom left hand side on the lightbox. At the top right is a tab for ‘View all sizes’ where the viewer can see the different sizes available for download to their computer.

Viewing your photos
Back on the main Photo View page, there are also other choices for you to make regarding your photo. The first lot of choices are found under the Actions Tab. This list is pretty comprehensive and consists of the following choices, Add a tag, Add a note, Add a person, Add to/ remove from set, Add to a group, View all sizes, View slideshow, View Exif info, Order prints and more, Rotate, Edit photo in Picnik, Edit title, description and tags, Replace this photo and lastly Delete this photo.

Actions to take with this photo

Under the Share this tab next to the Actions tab, you can find the following choices, Share this photo where you can enter someone’s email address into the box and also include a message if you wish, Grab the link of that photo to share, Grab the HTML or alternatively Blog it.

If you decide to use the Slideshow to view all of your photos, again, this is with a black background, and you can alter the speed of the slideshow, Always show the Title and Description or play the slideshow backwards. Its a really nice way to view all of your photos in flickr. I am certainly very impressed with flickrs new Photo Page and I have no intention of going back to the old photo page!


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9 Responses to Flickr’s new Photo Page.

  1. fotdmike says:

    Yeah, its absolutely super. I’m really liking it.

  2. Doris K says:

    I’m enjoying the new changes too! If I could just manage to get all my old photos uploaded I’d be set 🙂

  3. technogran says:

    I used Windows Live Photo Gallery to upload Doris but Flickr also provides its own uploader as well.

  4. Seika says:

    One bug I see is that the Preview and Post Comment is not showing up in Opera. It did in IE though.

    Well, for title, description and delete, the Photostream page is still better and faster than the individual photo page, so the best thing from this new layout is the fresh look, and the more visible right collumn infos.

  5. Dave Howes says:

    I think the new Flickr page is a vast improvement, and shows what can be done with just a few simple changes
    One thing though, the option of using the old page is only available while the new page is in Beta, which is going to annoy quite a few people. It’s a shame they couldn’t make the choice a permanent option

    • technogran says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with you Dave, it would be nice to give users an option, certainly until they all are of the same mind about the changes. I love them, but not everyone will take to it all I suppose. Its the same with any sites changes, there are those users who love it all and those who prefer to remain using the old.

    • Seika says:

      But it’s the same for most other places, say… Facebook.
      Keeping the multiple version is cumbersome and taking up resource when having to do update to the back end, add new features or do bug fix. Unless those using the old version is doing it by consent that the old version will degenerate as the site upgrades (feature don’t work anymore, bugs because of change to the newer version somehow caused unwanted collateral damage, etc.). But with the internet, we know there will be outrage if things suddenly broke 😀

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