Beginning Blogging 11. Slideshow’s and Galleries.

If you have a photo portfolio type blog, or if you simply want to include some photos for the readers of your blog perhaps to illustrate its contents, then its a good idea to familiarise yourself with using the Gallery and Slideshow features which are available to you on These two features become available once you have uploaded some photos or pictures to your Media Library on WordPress. Let’s take a look shall we?

First of all you need to upload some photos from your computer so go to your WordPress blog, click on  My Dashboard and then select Media from the left hand sidebar. If you have already included any photos in any of your blog posts, they will now be shown listed under your Media Library on the right. We could add some of the photos already there, but for this demo let’s upload some new one’s. Click on Add New either from the sidebar or from the top of the Media Library page.

Library add new

From the Upload New Media page, click on Select Files. Next, choose the photos or pictures that you wish to display in a blog post either as a slideshow at the top of the post, or as a Gallery inside the post. For this how-to, I’ll upload some pictures of some cats as if I was aiming to write a blog  about them. Click on your chosen files and they will begin uploading to your Media. NOTE. This can sometimes take some time depending on how many photos or pictures you have to upload, how big they are, and of course your internet connection. When they have completed uploading click on Save.

Uploading your picture files to your media.

NOTE. You can alter the names of your uploaded pictures by clicking on Show as they complete uploading and giving each one a title or caption and then clicking on Hide. Your new title or caption will be saved when you click on Save Changes. You do not have to change their title of course, it can be left as it is. If you give your photos a caption and then use the Gallery feature, the caption will appear below each photo.

Next we need to assign these photos to a post, so because they are all cats, for this how-to, I composed a blog post about cats using Windows Live Writer rather than the online blog editor.  When you have created your post that you wish to attach those photos to (his can be an old post that you did some time ago of course)  access your Media again by clicking on Media from the sidebar in your dashboard. Now we need to attach those photos to our chosen blog post. I have called my post Cats. So tick all those photos that you need to attach then click on Attach. A window will open to allow you to select the post or page that you wish to attach the photos to.  Enter the name of the post in question into the box at the top of the Find Posts and Pages window, click on Search. When the post has been found, click on it and then  click on Select and those chosen photos will then be attached to your chosen post.

Choosing the post to attach them to

Now we need to enable the Gallery or Slideshow for our photos. So next, click on Posts from your Dashboard sidebar. Your latest post should be at the top of the Posts page. If your chosen post is an older post, it will of course be further down the posts list. Place a tick into the square box and then click on Edit. You will now be in the familiar Edit post screen with the online editor at the top. Making sure that your cursor is positioned inside the blog editor exactly where you wish your Slideshow or Gallery to be placed, click on the Media icon above the Blog Editor window and to the left of the word Visual. 

The Media Icon above the blog editor[5]

The Add Media window will open and at the top you will see that there is a number next to the word Gallery. These are your photo files that you attached to this post earlier. Click on Gallery.

YOur attached photos

All of those attached photos will now be listed with a box against each one to the left of the word Show. At the very bottom of this list are some Gallery settings as follows, Link thumbnails to: either an Image File or Attachment Page (default)  Order images by: which contains choices of Menu order, Title, Date and Time or Random, Order:  by Ascending (default) or Descending, Gallery columns which in my case, as I have a total of 15 pictures, is set at 3 by default. Underneath the Gallery Settings we have two buttons, Insert Gallery and Insert Slideshow

Insert Slideshow

The boxes at the side of the word show allow you to place inside them the number of the order of your included pictures as you wish to display them. Of course, if you aren’t bothered how they appear, then these can be left blank. Firstly let’s try the slideshow feature out.  As I am not particularly bothered about the order of my photos I will simply click on Insert Slideshow. The word slideshow will now have been placed into the post at precisely the place where your cursor was positioned last. (in my case at the top of the post where I think it looks best.)  Now click on Update on the right hand side of the blog editor window. When the slideshow update has been applied, you will be informed that your post has been updated and can then view the post to see how it looks.
My post now contains a slideshow of my pics

Lastly we’ll try out the Gallery option. Again, click on Posts from your sidebar in your Dashboard, and once more click on Edit  in order to edit that particular post. Next delete the [Slideshow] from the post editor window. Leave your cursor where you prefer your Gallery to by placed inside your text, and again click on the Media icon at the top of the edit post window. Click on Gallery once more at the top of this window. We are back with our list of photos, but this time let’s number them all in preference of how you would like them to be displayed in your Gallery then click on Save all Changes. I am going to leave my Gallery columns at 3 but if you have say 8 photos, you might like to display them as either 2 or 4 across. I’ll also leave it at Ascending order as well.

This time click on Insert Gallery instead of the slideshow choice. ( you can always change back to Slideshow if you prefer that display option later.)  Now when we look at the post editor, we have an added light blue dotted area with a picture and camera icon in the middle of it.

Gallery display now inserted

Click on Update as before. Again you will be informed that your post has now been updated and you can View the post containing your new Gallery. Of course its appearance entirely depends on how many photos you have attached to your post.  If you have quite a few photos, then I think personally that the slideshow is more appropriate but you might disagree. As long as you made sure that your cursor was left in the position where you wanted your Gallery or Slideshow to be placed  inside your post text  then your photos will  be displayed really attractively so that all of your readers can enjoy looking at them all.

Gallery inserted into post

TG  Which display do you prefer? The slideshow or the Gallery? You decide.


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13 Responses to Beginning Blogging 11. Slideshow’s and Galleries.

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  3. Fernando says:

    We cant leave comments using neither our windows live id or our facebook account. WordPress SUCKS

  4. technogran says:

    No. Fernando, you will need to create a new username and password for WordPress. I will try and change it so that anyone can comment but then I leave myself open to spam. WordPress is fine but you will need to open an account on here.

  5. Hope says:

    Great tutorial! Unfortunately the slideshow button doesn’t show up in my wordpress gallery settings. I have the most recent version of WP. I have looked at plugins but most seem to use a different (more complicated) mechanism to insert slideshows into posts. I can do a flickr slideshow with one of my theme’s available widgets but this way just looks better. ANy suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  6. technogran1 says:

    Hope, you MUST follow my how-to all the way through, following the screen shots. When you have placed all of your photos into your media, you need to write a post, (doesn’t have to be a long one, can be just a few lines) If you use the online editor, Save as a draft post. Then you MUST attach those photos to that post, or to one of your posts.
    It’s only when you have attached them to a post that you can access the Slideshow. Open that post as if you were going to Edit it, then access the Media icon, choose those photos which are in the Gallery as you assigned them to the post, click on Save Changes and then go right to the bottom of that window. You should see Slideshow at the bottom so click on it, and it will be added to that post.
    It is a very complicated lot of steps to take I know.

  7. Hope says:

    Thanks for responding. I have followed all the steps without success (I can do everything but make that slideshow button appear), but I will take a break and try again later with a fresh brain and see if I missed something.

    • technogran1 says:

      Hope, you did get them from the Gallery, and you had assigned them to your post beforehand? It should be at the bottom of that screen that you see when you click on Gallery from the Media Screen. See the fourth screen grab up from the bottom.

  8. Hope says:

    I think it’s a versus issue. Bummer!

    • technogran1 says:

      Ahh! So you are using! It’s amazing how we have far more features on here on the free WordPress platform than are available on
      I would consider setting up a account then Hope and just noticing the difference between them both, especially in the Dashboard area.

  9. leonking says:

    Greetings from Ukraine. I did not know until today that so may do. Slideshow I have no buttons, but for the learned of other useful things.

  10. KlixIndia says:

    There is no insert slide show button in new 3x version.. how i can get this button

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