Problems with your Hotmail upgrade? have recently published their latest post regarding some problems that some users are currently encountering since the new Hotmail upgrade. These problems can all be read on the Windows Live Solution Centre and tend to range from not being able to open any emails  in order to read them to not being able to reply to someone. Funnily enough, the obvious workaround for any Hotmail user is to simply use Windows Live Mail on their computer desktop in order to access their Hotmail accounts until such time as the Hotmail team gets these problems sorted out. As a user who never accesses her Hotmail online ever, I have not suffered from any problems with my Hotmail account. Of course, some users may not have used Windows Live Mail before so here’s a step by step through using Windows Live Mail in order to access your Hotmail Account.


Windows Live Mail download

1. Download Windows Live Mail from and then run the installer. If you only wish to install Windows Live Mail and not the other applications in the Windows Live Suite, untick all the other programs. NOTE. The new beta version will not work with Windows XP, you will have to install the older version available directly from that webpage.

2. As soon as Windows Live Mail is installed on your computer, it will ask you to provide a Windows Live ID. This is of course your Hotmail user name and password, so fill those details in, and your Hotmail address.

Setting up hotmail account in WLM

3. Click on Next. Windows Live Mail will then take a few moments to ‘syc’ with your email folders and then they will be downloaded to your computer where you can then access them fully. If you wish, you can right click on the Hotmail title in the email column, move it up or down if you have other email accounts, give it a colour for the headers of your emails and also alter its title to (for example) Hotmail Account.

Hotmail inside WLM fully accessable

Hotmail is fully usable in Windows Live Mail and therefore is the ideal solution for any user who is currently experiencing problems with their online Hotmail account since receiving the new Wave 4 Hotmail update.



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21 Responses to Problems with your Hotmail upgrade?

  1. Henson says:

    You’re probably already aware, but this — for some reason — posted multiple times to your blog and on Clubhouse.

    • technogran says:

      Thanks Henson, WordPress was having some problems just at the same time I was trying to publish from Live Writer. I think that caused the ‘triple post’ to occur. I have now sent an email to Matt to try and delete two of those posts from the Clubhouse and of course I quickly deleted them from here as soon as I realized. Talk about doing things in triplicate! LOL

  2. technogran1 says:

    The Clubhouse has been giving me some real problems of late. I have contacted Matt about it all, but he has yet to get back to me. I don’t think he ever reads his PM’s on Windows Live at all. I can’t remove one of them either as flagging is not available to me either.

  3. Liz says:

    cannot access inbov but everything else

  4. Dave Howes says:

    Just looked in at the new Hotmail, and was actually expecting great things. I really should have learnt by now! I would never have believed that something as simple as reading your emails could have been made so complicated and non user friendly. The wave 4 live mail doesn’t look any better!
    Luckily I only use the mobile version of hotmail, and they haven’t managed to break that (yet!), and at home my trusty pre Wave 3 (Wave 2?) Live mail gets me through my copious emails with an absolute minimum of fuss, bother, and unnecessary clutter. What a brilliant program that is. Why can’t they do stuff like that now?

    • technogran says:

      Your talking I suppose about the old Live Mail that came with Vista. That was not part of the Essentials Suite Dave. I find Windows Live Mail superior actually and have used it faithfully since it came out. I don’t access my Hotmail from onlne. Why should I when its easier to have all my emails come down to me.

      I have never had any problems at all with the desktop Windows Live Mail program and I love how it automatically knows all the settings for any of the email clients you might use such as Gmail,, my ISP, Hotmail etc. You only have to input your email address and password and that’s all that is required. I also prefer that each email account is kept separate from each other in its own folder. I have tried out Thunderbird AND Outlook and they aren’t a patch on Windows Live Mail.

  5. I agree WLMail is a great program, but for the moment, I am sticking with Wave 3. It is working just just fine. Since the Spaces/4 debacle, I don’t have the stomach for messing up my mail as well right now.

    My Hotmail problem is an apparent disappearance of messages from the inbox. The first time, I thought perhaps I had forgotten deleting them myself. Now this morning, more have disappeared and I know I didn’t do it. I am keeping my eye on this now. I will know definitely if it happens again. I suggest you all keep an eye on your inboxes and take note of anything disappearing, whether using WLMail or the web interface.

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  7. Linda Ray says:

    Another Granny, here. I’ve avoided live mail b/c I don’t like to be connected to messenger all the time. I don’t chat anywhere but Facebook any more. Figuring out how to do livemail without messenger may be less trouble than not being able to send any attachments with e-mails, which is the situation, now. Who has time for this stuff! It’s really annoying to be actually *paying* for MSN, but there’s a switching cost to using my gmail, exclusively–that involves training everyone to use a new e-mail address for me. I’ve been for ten years. For all its faults, it still beats yahoo and aol in my book. Of course any more, a person has to have e-mail accts with all of them to use the different apps, but all of them are free but .msn. I’m normally super flexible about change of any kind, and am not bothered by any of the intentional changes, even though I have no use for or interest in 90% of them, which seem to be mostly “me too” competitve efforts , but I really, really need to be able to attach documents to my e-mail. Make it happen! 😉

  8. Linda Ray says:

    As for using a local app of any kind to process e-mail,. . .never happen.I’m in the clouds for good and very happy storing exactly nothing on my hard drive. Risky as it may be, my e-mail is probably a lot more secure “out there” than it would ever be on my li’l, mortal laptop.

    • technogran says:

      Well, you won’t be surprised to know that I do not agree. I’m the opposite, I avoid using anything ‘online’ if it has a desktop counterpart, and I have never had any problems. But, each to his own I suppose.

  9. Mazda says:

    My emails with photos have disappeared from my “new improved hotmail account”
    Does anyone have any solutions

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  11. Mike Smith says:

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    good work. Thanks

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