Windows Live Writer. Adding a Watermark.

Although you have been able to add a watermark to any of your photos included in a blog post in Live Writer, in its previous incarnations this feature tended to be overlooked by users as it was  hard to find, buried as it was under the Advanced tab in the Pictures sidebar. In Live Writer’s latest version available from HERE  it is far easier to both find the Watermark feature and use it as well. Here’s how to put your own stamp on any of your photos that you include in your blog posts  directly from Live Writer!

Adding a Watermark

1. Insert the photo that you wish to Watermark into your post in Writer and then click on it to bring up the Picture ribbon.

Juicy Blackberries

2. Next click on Watermark from the picture ribbon. The Watermark window will open. It already contains the ©copyright marker for you, so all you need to do is add your preferred copyright such as your name, and also decide its placement within the photo and which font you prefer to use.

Default watermark3. Click inside the top box to add your copyright name. I’ll add Technogran to mine. You will notice that as you type in your © copyright name, it will appear inside the photo.

Juicy Blackberries

4. Next I am going to choose a different font for my Watermark from the default Arial one and then also choose a different size.

22-08-2010 12-30-25

5. I’m going to choose Antipasto font for my Watermark and resize it to 10. I’m also going to move it to the top left hand corner of the photo where I think its easier to spot. You have the choice of using any of the available fonts stored on your computer, and you can place the Watermark in any of the four corners of your photo, or alternatively you can place it in the centre. NOTE. Some fonts are more prominent than others, and you might have to try cycling through some of your fonts until you find one that suits your particular  picture and its placement in the photo can also add to whether or not it is easy to spot.

Juicy Blackberries

You might not want it to look prominent so as not to spoil the photo. preferring instead to make your watermark blend in. However, other users do prefer that their watermark is very prominently displayed over a photo so that others cannot easily share or display it elsewhere without the copyright notice being seen.

Juicy Blackberries

So its now really easy to add a copyright watermark to any of your photos that you wish to include inside a blog post. As I have stated, this feature was present before in the Wave 3 version but many of Live Writers’ users were simply not aware of its existance. Now, thanks to the Ribbon Interface, its so easy to find this useful feature and make full use of it.



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11 Responses to Windows Live Writer. Adding a Watermark.

  1. Rocket Man says:

    I’m STILL trying to get into the habit of watermarking my photos. Normally I forget and have to go back, add the mark and re-publish. Maybe I need a device that delivers a mild electrical shock if I hit “publish” before watermarking. Nah…..I’d just learn to like the shock!

  2. technogran says:

    I’ll ask the Writer team if they can include a prompt before publishing to remind us who have less than perfect memory before we click that publish button! I need one for watermarking, Categories AND tags!

  3. Raven says:

    First let me say THANK YOU! I have come to you through a WLS jumper friend of mine…Karenathome. Your blog on photos was so helpful. Now I want to look into Live Writer since I wasn’t able to use it from spaces…to blog here. Must find out why and how of it.
    Did I say thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • technogran says:

      Thank you Raven and I am glad to be of help. Once I have got all of these step by step how-to’s for ex Spacers getting used to WordPress, I’ll then be starting some new how to’s about using the whole of the Windows Live Essentials Suite including the new Live Writer 2011 so watch out for those!

  4. Rohaizan says:

    While you’re at it, can you also ask the Writer team if they can develop Livewriter for Macs? :-() I’m still using Livewriter via FusionWare but it would be great to have a Mac version. There’s nothing as great out there for Macs…

  5. Caviar Creme says:

    there is no way to add the watermark to pics directly in Windows live photos gallery?

    Thanks 🙂

    • technogran1 says:

      Caviar, not at the moment, this feature was strangely not added in the latest version, although you can add your watermark to a photo in Windows Live Writer. Seems a strange omission when you think about it, and maybe the next version will include it? I’ll ask the team.

  6. Atalove says:

    My blogs have a lot of pictures. Is there a way to “set” the watermark in Live Writer so you don’t have to enter your watermark info each time? Thank you.

    • Technogran says:

      You probably mean a sort of ‘default’ setting. Unfortunately not at this time. You can do so in Picasa but………… can’t stipulate which font to use or the size of your watermark unfortunately as you can in Writer. I’ll ask the team if they will please make adding a watermark a default setting so that your ‘stamp’ goes on every photo that you add.

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