From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Choices, choices!

As many Windows Live Spacers will now be aware, Spaces are being closed down on Windows Live, and so when you next visit your Windows Live Spaces blog, you will be greeted with a notice to that effect, and then offered some different choices of what to do next. In these step by step posts here on WordPress, I intend to take you through the moving process to and also help you to set up your blog in your new home. It can be a daunting process to move from one blogging platform that you have become so familiar with over the years to a new one, and as WordPress is not at all like Spaces in its user interface or its features, I know that many of you will welcome some ‘step by step’ help until you ‘find your feet’ on WordPress. So, let’s work our way through the process shall we?


Step 1, Which Choice shall I make?

1. Firstly when you access your Spaces blog, you will see a new notice at the top of your Spaces page. This notice will announce  that Windows Live Spaces is going away and to upgrade your blog now, click here to learn more. If you click on the word here, you will then see the following page;

Choices on Spaces

2. In this new window, you are presented with some choices. Firstly you can port your blog over to in a few easy steps which these posts will be taking you through, or you can download your blog to your PC  to save.  You can of course simply delete your whole Space if you feel that you no longer need it, or simply leave things as they are for now if you can’t make up your mind what to do at this point in time.

You are informed that you have until March 2011 to decide what to do with your Space and below that, you are also informed about what exactly will be ported over to during the change over.

NOTE! Your draft posts, theme, gadgets, guestbook and lists and also your Photo Albums that you may have showing in the Photos Gadget on your blog are not ported over. Your photo albums will still be available to you on Windows Live in your Sky Drive. However, all photos that were part of your actual blog posts will be ported over with the contents of your posts including all of your comments.

3. It might be a good idea if you are not certain about any aspect of the change over to pay a visit to the Spaces Upgrade Centre (see picture below) where some of your questions about what will be moving over to WordPress and what won’t will be answered and where a timeline is shown below the header, When do I need to decide? Of course, has its own support pages as well, and it may be a good idea to familiarise yourself with where exactly that is by clicking on the Get support from that Help Centre page. 

Read the Windows Live Spaces Help Centre

4. You can also find out more information about by clicking on the Learn about features from the Help Centre page as well. In fact, this entire page is a really helpful means to try and help all Spaces bloggers make up their minds about what to do regarding their Windows Live Spaces blog.

5. I am going to take all those of you who decide to move to through moving your blog, setting up a new one on, choosing a theme for your blog, setting up your new Profile on there, getting used to the Dashboard and also how to make use of other features that you might find useful in your new blogging home.

So, in my next post, well make our move over to and decide on a theme for our new blog.



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3 Responses to From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Choices, choices!

  1. I got GGB’s transfer, not hard at all, so far…thanks

  2. BP Quadius says:

    I thought I was paying attention, but obviously I wasn’t paying too close attention to what I was doing. I still have my old blog, but I will definitely be abandoning it eventually.

    Thanks for doing this. It’s helpful for those of us that are a little behind the times.

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