From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Let’s make our move!

Step 2. Making the Move!


Choices on Spaces

1. In this post we are going to take the plunge and move our Spaces blog over to So from the page shown on the left of this text that you can access from your Spaces page where you are offered all those different choices, click on Get started, upgrade my blog to which is the topmost choice offered to you on that page.


2. Next you will see a new window open with some more information that will be useful. You will be reminded to enable Messenger Connect in order that all of your Spaces friends on Windows Live can still see when you post to your new blog on, You will also be reassured that if your blog was private on Windows Live, then your new blog on will also be made private, and that you will be allowed to change that setting during the upgrade process or anytime after. If you also wish to download the content of your blog to your computer, you should carry that out first before moving over to .

upgrade to WordPress,first step

3. When you are completely happy with the move, then click on Continue. If you still are not sure what to do, then click on Cancel.

Click on Connect

4. Next, click on Connect to enable all of your Spaces friends on Windows Live to be able to receive an update whenever you publish a new post to your new WordPress blog. You can choose to allow this connection or not.

5. The next screen will then ask you where do you want your Windows Live Spaces content to go, a new blog or if you already have a blog on, do you want it all to port over into that one? For this step by step post, I am going to choose a new blog. Click on Next.

Create a new blog on WordPress.

6. On the next page,  you can choose the URL of your blog and its title. NOTE. If your choice of URL is already in use, WordPress will inform you of this, and you can either try another one, or leave this until later. You can also choose which language you wish your blog to use, your timezone and also its privacy, either fully Private, to Block search engines or Public. Once you are happy with your settings, click on Create Blog. 

New wordpress blog

7. The next screen will show your new URL address, inform you that all of your content has been moved or is in the process of being moved and its progress on a blue bar, and also invite you to set up Live Writer 2011 to work with your blog posts which you can enable directly from this page. You are also informed that an email will be sent to you with your username, API key and some important links included in it.

Migration Complete

Your no longer a Spacer, you are now  a WordPress blogger! Here is my nice new blog. I have been given the theme Twenty Ten which is’s default theme. Next post, we’ll take a look at finding and choosing another theme for our new blog on

My new WordPress blog



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7 Responses to From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Let’s make our move!

  1. Thank you for the easy instructions, wish I knew a dot of what you know….thanks again

  2. Have of course subscribed to your many informative posts concerning the transition to WordPress from WL Spaces! Noting that many are having issues on the Windows Live Solutions Center Forums this week I had to give your efforts a little publicity. The moderators have done very little there, so I posted this link to your blog.


    Thanks for all you have done here.

    • technogran says:

      Thanks for the heads up over there Custom Computers. I do try my best to help others if I can. They need clear precise instructions how to do certain things. Another user can often be more helpful and detailed if they have worked their way through a process than the actual teams themselves who may or may not have worked their way through the whole procedure.

      Keep reading my how-to’s as we work our way through making WordPress your hew home. .

  3. kenny2dogs says:

    Hello Technogran. would just like to formally introduce myself. My name is Kenny I have just recently migrated from wls. So would like to say I find your blog most helpful. thank you for that.

    • technogran says:

      That’s okay Kenny. glad to be of help. Fraid I can’t get my how-to step by step posts out any faster to help you all, so if you get stuck with anything just give me a shout and I’ll try to help. Next post will be about the excellent Dashboard on here and setting it all up.

      Thanks for the comment

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