From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Adjusting other Settings.

5. Adjusting your other Settings.

Because the whole settings area on WordPress is so comprehensive  and would need quite as few posts to explain how to adjust each area in detail, I have decided that it might be more prudent to just show a screen grab of those areas that you might need to change to suit you, such as the Writing, Reading, Discussion, Privacy and Sharing areas. My tip is to work your way through each area of settings and see if there is anything that you might not feel happy about. If there is any terminology or settings that you don’t understand, then do get in touch with me and I’ll try my best to help if I can or point you in the direction of where you can get help if not. I need to move onto other areas that ex Spacers are more concerned about such as how to keep in touch with each other on here etc, so this post is just a synopsis of the rest of those settings, and my next posts will be moving onto other areas that Spacers seem more concerned about.

Writing Settings.


Writing Settings

1. These settings can mostly be left at the defaults, but you can specify a default Category if you haven’t assigned one to a post, and also which default Link Category to use for your Link Widget. (If you haven’t made another Link list yet, this won’t apply. Press This allows you to drag the word ‘Press List’ to your browsers Favourites toolbar or into your browsers Bookmarks sidebar, then if you wish to blog about a text article or photo or video that you find on the web, you can simply click on that in your browser. Click on Save Changes.

Reading Settings.


Reading settings

2. What do you want your readers to see when they first arrive at your blogs Home page? Just a picture? Or perhaps an All About Me page? How many blog posts do you wish to appear on your Home page if you decide to show them and not a static page? You can also set up the contents of your blog feeds here and choose what each feed contains, and lastly you can make your own message to be sent to anyone who subscribes to your blog. Click on Save Changes.

Discussion Settings.


Discussion settings

3. These settings cover your Comments. Most choices can safely be left at the default settings, but you can stipulate whether or not someone has to fill in their name and email, or whether or not they should be registered on before they can comment. To change, simply untick or tick the box next to the choice that you wish to change. You can also change the settings for receiving an email whenever someone comments or a comment is held up for your approval, and lastly in this setting you can change what sort of Avatar to display alongside a comment if that person has not yet supplied one. Click on Save Changes if you have made any.

Media Settings.


Media settings

4. Again,this area can usually be left at its default settings by most users.

Privacy Settings.


Privacy settings

5. Those of you who prefer to keep your blog private so that you can choose the people who can read it will need to check this area. You can choose to have your blog public (so anyone can read it) but not be available to any search engines. Click on Save Changes when you are finished adjusting these settings.

Email Post Changes


Email notifications

6. These settings are self explanatory. You can change which email to send  to whenever a  post or page  changes and you can also add any additional email address’s here that you wish to use. You can also add different types of posts to notify about such as Pages, Media etc including a Draft post. Don’t forget to save any changes that you make! 

I don’t intend to cover the Domains, Open ID or Webhooks here.

Next post, we will move onto Changing our chosen Theme again and also all the different methods of Subscribing to all of your friends blogs so that you can keep track of their posts and also keep in touch on

If there are any areas that you would love me to cover, then please contact me, either in the Comments area below. Thanks.



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5 Responses to From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Adjusting other Settings.

  1. Stephen Boots says:

    Great series, TG! Thanks for writing these up.

  2. technogran says:

    You know me Stephen, I am here to help others who are not as tech savvy as I pretend to be 😉 Glad you like them all. There will be many more to come when I get around to them all.

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  4. Mel says:

    How long does it take to change when you adjust your “reading” settings? I changed that page to show just a summary of posts instead of each individual one and it hasn’t changed. I even did a test post and nothing. I’ve checked it twice and made sure I hit “save changes.”


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