From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Creating a Page.

7. Creating a Page.

For this how-to I’m going to be creating a page containing some info that I would like my readers to be able to access, but you can create anything in a Page. We didn’t have such things as Pages or Menu’s on Spaces and therefore its a new concept to learn for any ex Spacers. The new version of Windows Live Writer allows you to compose a WordPress page so easily that I will use that for this how-to.  I will be showing you all how to use Live Writer with WordPress at some time in the future, but as WordPress is now the default blogging platform in Writer, its as easy to set up as Live Spaces originally was.

1.  In  the Live Writer compose screen, click on the File tab in the top left hand corner, and then hover over  New Post from the drop down list and select New Page by clicking on it. NOTE! This feature is only available at this time in the new Windows Live Writer 2011 version.

Live Writer making a page

2. Now compose your page about yourself and include any relevant information that you wish your readers to see. Of course, for that personal touch, its also nice to add a photo. Think of this as the equivalent of your old Profile info on Windows Live if you like.

Page All about me done in Live Writer

3. When you have completed your page, click on Publish from the Home ribbon in Live Writer.

4. Live Writer will publish your newly created page and straight away it will have been added to your Menu tabs at the top of your Twenty Ten blog!  However, the default Menu already contains an About tab, so let’s sort out our Menu shall we and put that right by Customising our own Menu!

Here's my new page, now added to the Menu

5. From your Dashboard, click on Appearance from the Menu sidebar, then click on Menus from the drop down list.

6. First of all, you need to create your Custom Menu. To do this, you need to give your Menu a name. Don’t worry, this name in not shown anywhere on your blog, its so that you can have more than one Menu in use if your chosen theme allows more than one.  I’ll call my Menu, ‘My Own Menu’ for this how-to.

7. Next, click on Create Menu. As soon as your Custom Menu is created, new options become available to you over on the left hand side of this Menus page. Reading from the top we have Theme Locations, Custom Links, Pages and lastly Categories.

8. The Theme Locations choice is simply about choosing which of your Menus to choose. Some themes allow you to choose more than one Menu. Click on the box and select your Menu that you have just created over on the right and then Click on Save.

Creating my new Menu

9. Custom Links. This area includes any other sites that you wish your readers to be able to access, such as another blog you have either on WordPress or elsewhere. ( for example, you might have a diary type blog and also one that you use for your photos.) To add this, enter the URL of your other blog.

10. You will then be asked to give that Custom Link a Label, which basically means a title for that Tab.  So in my case, I’ll title this Tab ‘My Techy Blog’ Click on Add to Menu. You will now notice that My Techy Blog has been added on the right under the new Menu that I created.

Adding an URL

11. Now moving onto Pages, you can see that mine has two separate pages to choose from, one called All About Me (the one that I have just created in Live Writer) and also the default About page. As I don’t want that one, I’ll just tick my newly created All About Me page, and then click on Add to Menu. Again, my new Page All About Me is added to my Custom Menu over on the right hand side. NOTE! You will no doubt notice that it says View All in the Pages area. This is because its possible to have loads and loads of different pages, and that choice allows you to view them all.

12. Lastly we arrive at Categories. At this point in time, I don’t want to add any of my Categories to my Menu but if you do, then simply choose them by ticking the box next to each one to select them and then click on Add to Menu as before.

13. Lastly click again on Save Menu over on the right hand side. Then visit your Blog to see if your Custom Menu looks like! Oh No! My Tab for My Techy Blog is before the All About Me page. I don’t want it to appear in that order, and where has my Home tab gone?

Wrong Order

14. To correct this, go back to the Menus page under Appearance in your Dashboard. Firstly I need to alter my Tabs around, so click on the My Techy Blog on the right hand side under your Custom Menu, and drag it down below the All About Me Tab. That should sort out the order of my tabs.

My Final Choice.

15. Next click on View All in the Pages area. Ahh, there is my Home Tab! So I need to select that by ticking it as well and then click on Add to Menu.  Now my Custom Menu contains Home, All About Me and My Techy Blog in the correct order that I want them to be available. Click on Save Menu. The page will announce in the yellow area at the top of this page that your Custom Menu has been updated.

I’ve now checked my new Custom Menu in my blog and its looking exactly how I want it to look.

My finalised Custom Menu

TG  Next post, we’ll take a look at letting the whole of the internet know that you have posted to your blog by making use of the Publicize features available to you on WordPress, and also add a new Category to our Links.


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  1. GreatGranny says:


  2. technogran1 says:

    Great Granny, can you see your WordPress Navibar above your blog? Its the bar right at the top of this page that says My Account, My Blog, My Subscriptions etc. Click on My Blog and then from the drop down list click on Dashboard. Now once in the Dashboard, click on the Address bar in your browser and then save that URL to your favourites bar.
    If you can’t see the Navibar across the top, then go to and in the top left hand side, enter your username and password into the yellow boxes, Then press Log in.

  3. Raven says:

    I did it had fun too! I am learning this will keep me busy for a long while…LOL You make it easy as usual…thanks so much.

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