From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Adding some Widgets.

8. Adding some Widgets.

As most of you ex Spacers will be aware, on Live Spaces, you could add a variety of Modules to your Spaces page.  Well, you can do the same thing on WordPress. The difference is they are referred to as Widgets. Usually they will be added to your other column on your Home page known as the Sidebar.  Depending on which theme you have chosen to use, this might be on the left hand side of your writing area, or the right hand side.  You can place as many Widgets in your sidebar as you wish, and most themes also allow you to also make use the area underneath your main post area as well for Widgets. Adding Widgets is fairly easy to do, so let’s add some shall we?

1. Go  to your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance followed by clicking on Widgets. The Widgets page will open with all of the current available Widgets you can use on WordPress. Over on the far right of this page, you can see the different areas for your Widgets that your chosen theme allows. As the theme that I am using for these how-to’s is the default Twenty Ten, it allows two different Sidebar areas, and four separate footer areas for all of your chosen Widgets, so ample space I think you’ll agree!

Adding our widgets and the areas.

2. At the top of my Sidebar, or Primary Widget Area as it’s referred to,  I’m going to place a Search Widget so that visitors can search my blogs. To choose a Widget from the list, simply click on it, hold down the mouse button and drag it over to the Area where you want to place that particular Widget. Most Widgets once placed will ask you to give them a Title. Click on Save when you have finished.

I’m not going to add a Gravatar or an Image of myself as I have added the About Me page to my Menu Tabs in the header. A Category Cloud Widget might be a good idea though, so that my readers can easily find all those posts about a certain subject.

All of my Widgets Added

4. Simply continue to drag any Widgets to that particular  area where you would like them to be placed, either in your Sidebar or at the bottom of your Home page. (The footer Widget area.)  I usually choose the flickr photos widget because I use flickr for all of my photo storage. Blog Stats is another useful Widget to include as well.  The choice is yours. Notice also that you can include that Custom Menu that you created in an earlier post in the sidebar area or elsewhere as well as in the Menu tabs just below your blogs header, but personally I think its far better placed where it is.

Recent posts and recent comments are also very useful Widgets to include. Your readers might also like you to include the RSS Links Widget so that they can subscribe to those feeds to keep track of any new blog posts you make. You can also include your latest Tweets as well if you are on Twitter by including the Twitter Widget.

5. When you are entirely happy with your added Widgets (you can always add to them later or remove them as you see fit) go and take a look at your Blog to see how they all look.

Now showing all my Widgets in Sidebar

TG  Next post we’ll enable our publicize options for our blog posts so that other friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc, receive an notification every time we publish a new post, and we’ll also enable Sharing so that our readers can easily share a post we have made to other social networking sites.


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5 Responses to From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Adding some Widgets.

  1. GreatGranny says:

    Thanks , Technogran for this info. I’m gonna try again.

  2. Have you covered adding a poto album as of yet? I don’t use flickr and would hate to have to add all my photos from spaces to a flickr album as I have so many other photo spaces now…

  3. technogran1 says:

    Yes I have already covered moving a Photo Album from Spaces over here. Or alternatively you can do some links to them in a Link List. If you want me to show you how to do that in another post I will but my previous post on how to download a Photo Album and then move it onto here lock stock and barrel is here at so take a look. Its a bit long winded to carry out, especially if the album contains lots of photos so its up to you.
    Hope that helps

  4. technogran1 says:

    Darkravenspigpen, the other alternative is to use Live Writer to compose your blog posts and include a Photo Album in that. Depends really what you are wanting to do with your Photo Albums. There is no where on WordPress where your friends can view your albums, like Windows Live Sky Drive for example, but if you use Live Writer and insert a photo album inside a post, then when any of your readers clicks on the Photo Album they will be taken up to your Windows Live Sky Drive and be able to view all of the photos up there. As long as you have made the permissions public that is.

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