From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Share and Publicise.

9. Let’s Share and Publicise!

If  you have friends on Facebook, Twitter etc, you can allow the Publicise option for all of your blog posts, so that an automatic announcement is made whenever you publish a new post to your WordPress blog. You can also enable a choice of Sharing  buttons to be placed at the bottom of every post to enable your readers to share that post if they enjoyed reading it. Firstly I will tackle the Publicise feature on WordPress. Of course, for those of you who don’t want everyone to know about your blog posts or to enable your readers to be able to share your posts, then simply ignore this particular post.

Publicise your Blog posts!

1. Go to your Dashboard, and then in the Menu Sidebar on the left hand side, click on My Blog. NOTE! (If you have more than one blog on WordPress as I have, your list will obviously contain those blogs.)

Publicise each blog

2. As you can see by the screen grab above, this Blog gets the maximum publicity whilst my ‘how-to’ demo blog doesn’t get any. For this particular blog that I need to let everyone know about, all the choices available are ticked, so that every time I publish a post to this blog, an update is sent automatically to Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger and also Yahoo updates. Obviously if you don’t use Twitter or some other social networking site included in that list, then there is no need to tick the box to enable it.

Facebook Authorisation

3. In order to allow updates to any of the choices, click inside the box next to that particular service. You will be asked to Authorise each service as you tick it, so do that by entering your username and password followed by authorising the connection with that particular service.

Allow your readers to Share, share share!

In order to allow your readers to share a post that they enjoyed reading and therefore spread the word to all their friends on other social networks, you will need to enable the Sharing buttons on your WordPress blog posts. These buttons are usually placed at the bottom of each post that you publish.

5. Go to your WordPress Dashboard, Click on Settings from the left hand side Menu sidebar, and then from that drop down list, click on Sharing.

Sharing settings page

Now you will see the Sharing Settings page. Your first choice to make is how do you want your Sharing services to be shown below each of your posts? Either individually or hidden behind a single Share button?

6, When you have decided which you prefer from the top two choices, then simply click and hold that service and drag it down to your chosen area below. You are shown a Preview of how your Sharing buttons will look like at the bottom of each of your posts.

7. You can also choose to show a Like button, similar to the like button on Facebook. This button will be placed above all of your comments.

8. Next you can choose your button style, just an Icon, Icon and Text or Text Only.

9. You can change the wording of your Share buttons. If you prefer it to say something different to Share this, then type your chosen words into the text box.

Enabling your sharing services

10. How do you want those sharing links to appear when a reader selects one of them? In the same window, or in a new window? Click inside the box to change.

11. Lastly you can choose whereabouts to show the sharing buttons, on Posts only, on Post and Index pages or Index pages only.

12. Click on Save Changes when you have finished with your Sharing settings.

Sharing buttons on my demo blog

Of course, if you are not bothered about publicising your blog posts or your readers being able to share your blog posts elsewhere, then simply don’t enable any of these choices.



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4 Responses to From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Share and Publicise.

  1. jkavanagh58 says:

    I defnitely like the share features but the publicize is not a feature I will be using much. When I post something, I rely on the twitter plug-in in Windows Live Writer.

  2. technogran says:

    For this particular blog where I really want everyone to know about it, I use everything I can get my hands on! I don’t use the Twitter and Facebook plug-in’s for this particular blog though or they would be updating twice which would probably end up getting on everyone’s nerves.

    I do use those for my other blogs though especially any I have on Blogger. I keep trying to have a cull and cut it right down to just a techy type blog and a Diary one, but like many bloggers, I simply can’t make up my mind which platform to go with. They both have their good points and bad points so its a dilemma.

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