From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Keeping in touch with friends.

10. Keeping in touch with your friends.

So you’ve moved your blog over to WordPress. You’ve settled in with a nice shiny new theme. Sorted out your Widgets. Published a post. But, how do you find your ex Spacers friends on here and more importantly, keep in touch with them and their blog posts etc?

1. Firstly, go back to Windows Live and try to access their Space on there. If they haven’t moved yet, you will still be able to visit it and also in a comment you could just leave your new address so that they will easily be able to find your new home on here. If they have already moved over here, but have not been able to use their old name etc on WordPress, you should be automatically directed to their new blog on WordPress when  you try to access their Space from their Profile page on Windows Live.

2. If you visit a friends blog post on WordPress, first thing you need to do on your arrival is take a look at the WordPress Navibar at the top of their blog page. This bar is accessible everywhere on and contains all those ‘shortcuts’ to areas that you are usually going to find the most useful. Click on Subscribe from your Navibar.


3. Next, click on Subscribe to Blog from the drop down. Continue to do this on every one of your friends WordPress blogs that you pay a visit to. Eventually you will build up quite a list of friends blogs that you have subscribed to on WordPress.

4. Whenever you wish to see if any of your friends have written a new blog post and want to go and read it, simply click on My Subscriptions from your WordPress Navibar, and then from the drop down list, select Read my Subscriptions. A list of all of your friends blogs will be shown showing the very latest posts for today right at the top.

Your blog subscriptions in a list

5. You have a few choices to make on this page, you can simply  Thumbs up  Like a post, Reblog that post or by clicking on the Title of the post (in blue) go to that persons blog page to read that post.

6. Not only that, but you can also receive an email notification every time that friend publishes a new post to their WordPress blog. (Similar to how Windows Live Alerts used to work.)  Here’s how,

Manage those Blog Subs

7. From that page , click on Manage Blog Subscriptions at the top of the list of blogs. You can now view the entire list of other blogs on WordPress that you have subscribed to, and decide whether or not to choose to receive an email notification and how often. You can choose to receive an email Instantly, Daily, Weekly or Never by clicking on the box and accessing the drop down list. You can set this up for each persons blog individually. The default setting is Never.

Get those notifications

8. You can also choose to have a notification sent to the Jabber Instant Messenger service. Notice that on the right hand side of the list of your subscribed blogs are the latest posts made in the blog.

Once you have set all this up, there is absolutely no need to miss any new blog posts from any of your friends. When you receive the email to your inbox  you will be able to ‘click through’ from the email in order to read that persons latest post by simply clicking on ‘View Online’ from the top of the email.

So, no excuses not to keep up with all of your friends new posts on WordPress!

TG    Smile


About technogran
A granny and a geek? You bet! Still trying desperately to keep up with it all.

4 Responses to From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Keeping in touch with friends.

  1. tigrx says:

    Yep got that .
    er wazza widget ?

  2. Pat . says:

    Hi Technogran,
    I was “Pat .” on WLS. I have used the “Connect your services” feature on the Windows Live home page, so all my WLS friends should have no trouble finding me – if they want to!

  3. technogran says:

    Thanks Pat. I can’t make up my mind whether to have a Spacers Roll in my Menu or in the sidebar so that its more visible to visitors. Its easier to do a page and place it up there actually but then ex Spacers might not find it easily! (think to click through.) I intend to include everyone from both WordPress and also those who have settled over on Blogger.

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