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25 Responses to Windows Live Essentials 2011. Windows Live Writer.

  1. Geoff Coupe says:

    Unlike certain other members of the Windows Live Essentials Suite that I could name ( 🙂 ), I really do like Windows Live Writer, and use it as my preferred blog entry composer. It does the job well, and with the minimum of fuss.

  2. technogran says:

    Thanks Geoff, I love Writer as well. The team are also always ready to listen to users and there wishes for adding features etc. Thanks for the comment and I am glad that one of the programs suits you at least! 🙂

  3. Larry Henry says:

    I’ll agree with several things; the ribbon has changed the GUI for Windows Live Writer and there’s been some ‘slight’ improvements to Windows Live Writer, but the fundamentals of Windows Live Writer has not changed, and the overall functionality has not been expanded upon. For instance, Windows Live dev still has not added a ‘find and replace’ function and there’s no more support for tables as there were in the last version.

    And to be perfectly honest about it, the only reason the new ribbon GUI is in place is to take advantage of the touch screens and tablet PC’s.

    While I still think Windows Live Writer is the best blogging software; the Windows Live dev team has done little to improve it over the last version [2 yrs ago]; excluding the GUI.

    By the way, I enjoy your posts.

    Until next time,
    Larry Henry Jr.

    • technogran1 says:

      Thank you Larry. I am grateful for your comments. Yes, I know that many users have been requesting a ‘find and replace’ to be included for quite some time. It’s always annoying to find one word that you used throughout your post and needs to be corrected over and over again. What sort of support for Tables would you require in particular?

      • I’m taking a wild stab and thinking Larry is talking about how you can create a table in Live Writer and make the border invisible…post it…and the border still shows up on your post. I’ve contacted WordPress about it and apparently it’s something that’s different from one theme to another (very frustrating). You’d think that the default theme (which I believe is Twenty Ten at the moment) would have this ability, but it does not. What I’ve done is created a page that has a “borderless” table on it and previewed themes on that page to determine if it’s working the way it should before I commit to changing to a different theme.

        I’m wondering if you’ve used Skydrive to host pictures/audio/video and post them on your blog via Live Writer. I just found out how to do that via the online posting route (http://chicagolandtim.wordpress.com/2010/12/07/using-skydrive-in-wordpress)…I assume it’s the same with Live Writer (just haven’t had the chance to test it out yet).

        • technogran1 says:

          No Tim I don’t use that method. I simply add a photo or picture into Writer from my computer and then publish it. Why should I use SkyDrive? Or any other picture or video hosting site as an inbetween when its on my computer? The idea of Live Writer is surely to make inserting photos and pictures into a blog post easier?
          In the case of videos, the team has stated that they have to use a video hosting site (such as YouTube) first but not for photos and pictures! (I had asked why I couldn’t simply insert a video from my computer in the same way that I could insert a photo or picture without the need to ‘log in’ or have a YouTube account in order to insert a video into a post)
          I am currently asking them to also use Vimeo for videos as well as YouTube. (I miss the old Soapbox video service!’ sigh

          • Why use Skydrive? In a word…space. You get 25gb of free storage, whereas you only get 3gb of free storage with WordPress. It’s pretty easy to fill up the free space on WordPress if you’re constantly posting photos, so having a backup (or alternate primary) place to store photos and other media is…well…financially ideal (WordPress charges $89.97 per year for 25gb of storage).
            By the way, you can put Vimeo videos into posts (not sure about when using Live Writer…I haven’t used it in a while). Just put this into your post (without quotes): “[“”vimeo=””WebURL””]”
            You’re right though…it should be easier than it currently is.

          • Ludwig Keck says:

            As Tim pointed out, having an additional 25GB of space is a good reason for the slight inconvenience. That is especially so if you want to show a lot of images or slide shows. I described the method in my post: http://ludwigkeck.wordpress.com/2010/11/30/sourcing-blog-post-images-from-skydrive/

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  5. penpusherpen says:

    HI TG,
    Glad to have a Knight around to help against the fiery forces!! 😉
    and Liver Writer has always been a favourite of mine…BUT being an Windows XP user, can’t get the upgrades unless I change to Vista… saying that, I’m quite happy with the facilities it gives to me using XP , the watermark is very nifty, been playing about with the colour pop and other ‘tweaks’ you can use… Always tinkering, I am, which is why I should sometimes just prise the mouse from my fingers before it takes root.. lol!!

  6. Ludwig Keck says:

    The previous version had a “open from” option to retrieve an “non-recent” post. How is this accomplished in the new version?

    • technogran1 says:

      Easy Ludwig. It’s all in the far left hand icon. (File) (Which by the way I am asking for most of the drop down to be placed on the ribbon instead)

      1. Click on the top left hand side File icon.

      2. From the drop down list, click on ‘Open Recent Post’ Click onto the words ‘Open Recent Post’ as only a few of your recent posts will be shown.

      3. Another window will then open. At the top of that window, you will see in the middle ‘Show ?? items. Change this to as many posts as you wish to go back to in order to edit them. In most cases you can get Live Writer to now fetch up to 3.000 posts.
      4. Scroll down the list of posts that are now shown from your blog until you reach the one that you wish to edit.
      5. Highlight it by simply clicking on the post in question, (it will turn blue) and then click on OK.

      6. The post will then be shown in the compose and edit window.

      7. Change it but do NOT alter the ‘Set Post Date’ at all if you want that post to be retained in its old position.

      NOTE. You can also edit pages as well as posts in Live Writer on WordPress.

      • Ludwig Keck says:

        Thank you T.G.
        Somehow that had escaped me. There is one additional step in your instructions to make it work for me: After clicking ‘Open recent post’ it is necessary to click on the name of the blog in the left nav pane. The default setting there is ‘Recently posted’ which does not go back all the way even when ‘All’ is selected. But when set to the name of the blog, ‘All’ will go way back.

        • technogran1 says:

          Yes Ludwig you are correct but in my case, I have several blogs. Clicking on Open will open ALL posts from all blogs that you post to. Clicking on a Blogs name will only open those past posts made to that particular blog. I might edit this post to elaborate on that.


  7. JaxieCat says:

    I so appreciate learning from those that know the How to’s and Where for’s of these awesome techniques, directions, and available apps. I am coming from a graphite and altered tree pulp writing technique, and starting my first ever blog. Things are progressing rapidly due to simplified information presented by people like yourself Gramms, and my still being able to learn (and experiment with) what another has to share. I am glad to have taken a course on Word a couple of summers ago, or EVERYTHING would still be like a foreign language. However, I am actually starting to understand the directions. Again thanks for your post.

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  9. Susan says:

    Hi Gram!
    THanks for all your help. I am currently using Windows Live Writer 2011 and am perplexed. I don’tsee these ribbons you are speaking of. I still have the editing area in the
    hand side. I clicked on get updates and it said I had the latest version…Is there something I need to do to access these ribbons?

    My main question from the start is how to set my photos to be set as a default 750 pixels wideeverytime I post pics.

    • technogran1 says:

      Which operating system are you using Susan? If you are still with XP, then that is your answer because the new version of Live Writer will only work with Vista or Windows 7. As to your photos, if you mean those that you wish to include in a post, you can set the default width for all of your inserted photos by clicking on the photo once you have inserted it into your post and then from the ‘photo; menu on the right hand side, alter the width/length and then choose to make it your default size.

      Hope this helps

      • Susan says:

        Thanks for such a quick response!

        I am using Windows 7…hmmmm.
        I tried what you advised a sfar as the default and it still isnt working with all the photos.
        Frustrating. But,it is still quicker than using Bloggers editor

  10. technogran1 says:

    You can set up in Live Writer a personal default size for any photos or pictures that you wish to include in your posts but do remember Susan that this will be entirely dependent on the theme you have chosen to use for your blog. Here’s how to do it,
    1.Start your post and then click on ‘Insert’ from Live Writers ribbon at the top.
    2. Once the photo or picture is inserted into your post, remain clicked on the photo so that you can access the PIcture Tools ribbon. On the left hand side after ‘Crop’ you have a width box and a height box. You also have ‘Custom’ and ‘Lock Aspect Ratio as well under the SIZE area.
    3. Click on the word ‘Custom’ and a drop down list will give you ‘Small. Medium, Large and Original and at the bottom ‘Set Default Sizes’
    4.It’s here where you can now set up your personal preference for your default size for any picture or photo you include. This size will be applied to ALL future inserted photos so
    5. Click on Set Default Sizes and then set up say the Large size as 750 x 750 (or medium if you prefer.)

    Press OK to finish.

    Now whenever you insert a picture into a blog post in Live Writer, simply insert it and then click on Custom from the Picture Tools ribbon and then click on Medium (or Large if you chose that sixe) and all of your future pictures will then be that size.

    However, If your chosen themes writing area is (for example) only 600 pixels wide, then the photos will spill over and out of the writing area because they are wider than the total area available.

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