Windows 8 Consumer Preview. 2. Setting up Mail.

Next we’ll begin to add our email accounts to the MAIL app. At this point in time, the app will only work with a Hotmail/Live or Gmail account. However, if you have a POP account there is a temporary work around which I’ll cover in this how to. So let’s get started setting up our email accounts and using the new MAIL app.

1. Click on the MAIL app from the METRO start screen. Once the app is open it will show your mail from the account that you have already used to log into Windows 8 with. For this how to, I’m going to add an Gmail account.

Screenshot (2)

You can also add other Live ID’s or Hotmail accounts as well as Exchange accounts. As this app is still in a Preview stage, you cannot at this time use a POP account. But you can add your POP account to your Hotmail or Live ID online in order to temporarily get around this.

2. Access your Hotmail account online.

3. From the INBOX screen, click on OPTIONS on the top right hand side of your messages then from the drop down list click on MORE OPTIONS.

Screenshot (6)

4. From the MANAGING YOUR ACCOUNT list  select Sending and Receiving Email from other Accounts.

5. Select ADD AN EMAIL ACCOUNT and the fill in the email address and your password.

Screenshot (5)

6. Next you will be asked to choose between having your emails arrive in a separate folder or your INBOX folder. Choose INBOX then click on SAVE. Your Hotmail account will send a verification email to the account that you are trying to add, so you will have to go online to access your POP account in order to receive the verification email and therefore verify the account.

Once you have done that, all your POP account email will be downloaded to your Hotmail/Live account in the MAIL app. When POP accounts are enabled in the MAIL app in the future you can always go back to your Hotmail account online and delete any added POP accounts.

Screenshot (3)

7. At the top right hand side of the reading screen, you can see three icons, + to compose a new email, REPLY to the highlighted email and DELETE to delete the highlighted email. Click on any to choose either of those choices.

Screenshot (4)

8. If the ADD EMAIL ACCOUNTS choice at the bottom left hand column disappears or is no longer visible, then you can still add accounts from the CHARM bar by hovering your mouse to the right top corner in order to bring up the CHARM bar and click on SETTINGS, then ACCOUNTS.

9. You can conduct a SEARCH of your emails and their content in any account by taking your mouse to the top right hand corner to invoke the CHARMS bar and then select SEARCH.

Screenshot (19)

10.Type in a word or phrase into the SEARCH MAIL box. Click on SEARCH. All of your emails which contain that search word or term will then be presented to you in the INBOX column.

Screenshot (18)

11. When you need to compose a new email in the MAIL app by clicking on the + icon, as soon as you click in the writing area you are presented with several choices at the bottom of the write screen.  The choices are as follows:

Attachments, Emoticons, Font, Font colour, Highlight, Bold, Italic, Underline, Bulleted list and More which when clicked on displays a list containing High Priority, Normal Priority, Show Bcc, Undo and Redo.

Screenshot (2)

12. To use any of the choices in your email click on the icon to enable it. To disable click on the icon again. When you have finished composing your email, click on the SEND icon at the top right hand side of the compose screen.

TG  Next post we’ll work through personalising the PEOPLE app.


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16 Responses to Windows 8 Consumer Preview. 2. Setting up Mail.

  1. Geoff Coupe says:

    I can’t say I’m comfortable about using Hotmail to access my non-Hotmail account. I’d much rather the Metro Mail app supported POP and IMAP accounts so that I could use it to access them directly.

    Just like Windows Live Mail.

    • technogran says:

      As I state in this post Geoff, this is just a temporary measure until they incorporate POP accounts in the MAIL app. It is a preview app at the moment and is nowhere near finished.

      • Geoff Coupe says:

        Yes, I realise that it’s a preview, and I assume that it was the plan all along to add POP and IMAP support. Your comment, though, implies that you *know* that POP and IMAP support will be added. Excellent if that is the case.

        However, just because it seems the obvious thing to do does not always mean that Microsoft will do it. It seems that the Media preview apps do not (always?) playback content that is stored on Home Servers, and Microsoft are apparently asking whether this is necessary. See:

        My impression of the preview apps thus far is that Microsoft haven’t done themselves any favours by releasing them in such a primitive form. They are little more than toy demos at the moment, and there’s a very long way to go before they catch up to traditional apps. I wonder how far they will get before the official release of Windows 8?

  2. Dave Howes says:

    I must admit, I’m finding the language of win8 entertaining. “Hover right to invoke the charms bar” indeed! I presume this releases the golden unicorns that make everything better. They’re shortcuts dammit! In a toolbar!!!!
    Anyone invoking charm bars round here is going to be told in no uncertain terms to stop playing Dungeons and Dragons and get on with the job in hand….

    • technogran says:

      Do realise though Dave that all those Charms work in ANY program or app that you are currently in, so they are really not just ‘short cuts’ in that sense of the word. Nice comment to make me laugh though first thing in a morning! 🙂

      • Dave Howes says:

        The start button (sorry, orb) works in all programs too, (and in full screen programs accessible with one keyboard click, not two), is always fully functional, and has access to every single function and location on your computer, so how can this ‘edited highlights’ version be an improvement?
        I am a very typical computer user, and my question is ‘why should I fork out all this money for an OS that does less? It makes every single thing I do on my ‘puter harder and more long winded. The stock answer to this is ‘if you don’t like it, don’t use it’, but if, Heaven forbid, one of my computers died and I had to replace it I would be lumbered with it, unless I paid for an expensive ‘downgrade’.

        And about that renaming of the ‘orb’ – was this the first indication that Microsoft were planning on moving their offices to Narnia 🙂

        • technogran says:

          Dave, there will be lots of changes to come before it launches and if you current computer goes AWOL, then keep the installation disc for Windows 7 and then if you have to buy one with Windows 8 on board and you STILL don’t like using it, then use that. (You’ll surely be able to choose from PC makers I would think as to which OS you prefer.) Oh and Dave, the METRO start screen IS your START orb, does exactly the same thing as you accessed from there. I’ll get to that in a later post.

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  4. Gerry says:

    Hi TG, You’re doing a great job on the Windows 8 stuff. Unfortunately I’m still in the dark ages of XP for a little while longer. Our computer is on it’s last legs though, so I’ll be upgrading to something else soon. But I do have a question that you can probably answer, but now about Windows. I decided to start playing around with my WordPress blog again, ( and I’m wondering if there is anyway to increase the font size without doing the paid upgrade. I did a test post using Windows Live Writer today, but even changing the font on that did not come through on the post. Anyway, I hope you have a nice week! 😉

  5. Gerry says:

    Oops! forget what I said above. Using WLW did change the font size on my blog. It didn’t seem to get bigger before I posted it though. If you know of any way to change it from the WP post editor, let me know though. Thanks! 🙂

    • technogran says:

      Gerry, you SHOULD be able to get any text a larger size in Windows Live Writer and then post it up to your blog. On WordPress itself you are tied I’m afraid by whatever theme you have chosen to use unless as you state, you do a CSS upgrade. (paid for!) which is sort of why Blogger is so much better in a way, as its more like we had on Spaces where you make your own template and choose your own fonts and sizes.
      One tip I will pass on that does work with some themes on is to choose a font in Live Writer AND a size (say the default is 10, then choose 12) then publish that post, it can be a load of stuff and nonsense, you can always delete it later.
      Then in Live Writer, choose ‘Update Theme’
      Writer should then download the theme using your last post containing the your chosen size of font and the type of font. Following that, every time you begin to compose a new post, it should then use the new size automatically.
      However, I have found that this only seems to work with certain themes and not others.
      When you upgrade to a Windows 7 computer, you will find that the new version of Live Writer is much enhanced Gerry.

  6. Michael Smith says:

    Ok, So far so good, managed to fix, reinstall or work around most everything windows 8 zapped. I must admit though at this point in life the learning curve seems steeper than it used to. LoL! I do have a problem with the email still. The app for the mail along with the linked apps for messenger and calendar were so fubar’d I had to totally delete them. Problem is I can not find them to reinstall or setup. Do I have to reinstall windows again? A little help if you can please.
    Thanks, Mike

    • technogran says:

      Mike, you can re-install them from the Store. Click on the Store tile and then once there, click on those apps that it states you already have. Calendar and Messenger should be there. Hope that this helps.

  7. Derrinda says:

    I work with Windows 8 mail and am needing to find out how to view the bcc’s I sent in an email. Nothing is viewable.

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