Wordpress.com versus Blogger.com 3.


This has been a really difficult post to do and I have been unable to arrive at any final conclusion about both of these excellent free blogging sites. Both have their respective strengths. Both are easy to set up for beginner bloggers, and you can soon be blogging away to your hearts content with the minimum of fuss.

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Wordpress.com versus Blogger.com. 2

Taking a look at WordPress.com

In this post I am taking a look at WordPress.com. I tend to think of WordPress. com as far more ‘conservative’ both in its choice of themes for the user and also its user interface or dashboard. So for me personally its where I place my more ‘techy type’ blog rather than my more personal daily diary blog. Let’s take a look at WordPress.com shall we?

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Wordpress.com versus Blogger.com. 1.

Taking a look at Blogger.

This is my second set of ‘comparison’ posts and this time I intend to compare two free blogging sites, both of them used by myself, one for this blog and the other for a more personal diary type blog. To begin the comparison in this post I am going to run through the features available to the user on Blogger.

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