Spaces to WordPress step by step. Using Live Writer with WordPress.

11. Setting up Live Writer with your new WordPress blog.

Quite a few Spacers like to use Live Writer for editing and publishing their blog posts. Up until now, Live Spaces was of course the default blogging platform in use in Live Writer, but now that we are all being transferred to, the new version of Live Writer will in future make use of WordPress as its default blogging platform instead. It works in exactly the same way with WordPress blogs as it has always done with Live Spaces, and in fact the new version of Live Writer also includes some new features for your WordPress blog which weren’t available in the older version and with Spaces as those features simply weren’t present on that platform.  So let’s begin using Live Writer with WordPress.

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Windows Live Writer. Adding a Watermark.

Although you have been able to add a watermark to any of your photos included in a blog post in Live Writer, in its previous incarnations this feature tended to be overlooked by users as it was  hard to find, buried as it was under the Advanced tab in the Pictures sidebar. In Live Writer’s latest version available from HERE  it is far easier to both find the Watermark feature and use it as well. Here’s how to put your own stamp on any of your photos that you include in your blog posts  directly from Live Writer!

Adding a Watermark

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