The perils and pitfalls of being an early adopter.

For anyone reading this post who hasn’t a clue what on earth I am talking about, the title of ‘early adopter’ refers to any user who simply has to be one of the first to buy new Av equipment. Av equipment also usually applies to such items of hardware such as televisions, DVD players, Personal hard drive Video recorders, surround sound systems etc. Wikipedia has a very detailed description of a Early Adopter here at

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Freeview HD PVR. The race is on!

Remember my previous post where I posted about the contenders for who would win the Freeview HD PVR race?  Well, as things are hotting up with a few more contenders ready to join  the race in the very near future, I thought it might be a good idea to update everyone about the state of play as it currently stands. Progress has moved on apace since my last post on the subject. The first one’s out of the block if you remember, were the Digital Stream unit and the Philips/Pace unit. These two were closely followed by the Technica (Fetch TV) unit sold exclusively at Tesco’s supermarkets and by far the cheapest to purchase at £200 nearly £100 cheaper than its rivals. As usual, the members of AvForums and Digital Spy were out in force buying these units as soon as they had hit the shelves and in typical ‘early adoptor’ fashion, have been busy acting as unpaid beta testers for each manufacturer since.

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Who will win the Freeview HD PVR race?

The fight is on! Who will win the battle in the race to be the de facto Freeview HD PVR that everyone rushes out and purchases just in time for the World Cup? So far we have that young upstart Digital Stream who were first off the blocks with their offering the Digital Stream DHR – 8203/5U closely followed by one from those old AV stalwarts Pace/Philips with their offering the Philips HDT8520.

It’s been a tight call as to who would be first out of the starting gate, and that young upstart Digital Stream just managed to pip the old stalwarts into first place.

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