There’s an API for that!

Just spent a not so amusing couple of hours trying to get a set of photos back onto my computer that I had inadvertently wiped from my camera’s memory card. Of course I had also accidentally erased it from my computer as well. When I make a mistake, I don’t do it in halves!  I searched my online SkyDrive in vain. IF I had uploaded it to my SkyDrive on Windows Live I would then have been able to easily download it from there and back to its origins on my hard drive. But for some reason, I had only uploaded this particular set of photographs to flickr. To my annoyance there seemed to be no way to download them again in case of accidents/eraser/stupidity at the users end.

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Wow! things are really looking up of late for users. have often been criticised by users of the free blogging site for their lack of choice where the themes on offer to users were concerned, but it now seems that they have taken note of those criticisms and have now launched a new Theme Team.

There have already been one or two new themes launched recently to much praise and acclaim by those who make use of the blogging site  with many requests for more themes to be launched, so perhaps those frequent pleas have  prompted this latest move.

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