From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Adding some Widgets.

8. Adding some Widgets.

As most of you ex Spacers will be aware, on Live Spaces, you could add a variety of Modules to your Spaces page.  Well, you can do the same thing on WordPress. The difference is they are referred to as Widgets. Usually they will be added to your other column on your Home page known as the Sidebar.  Depending on which theme you have chosen to use, this might be on the left hand side of your writing area, or the right hand side.  You can place as many Widgets in your sidebar as you wish, and most themes also allow you to also make use the area underneath your main post area as well for Widgets. Adding Widgets is fairly easy to do, so let’s add some shall we?

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From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Creating a Page.

7. Creating a Page.

For this how-to I’m going to be creating a page containing some info that I would like my readers to be able to access, but you can create anything in a Page. We didn’t have such things as Pages or Menu’s on Spaces and therefore its a new concept to learn for any ex Spacers. The new version of Windows Live Writer allows you to compose a WordPress page so easily that I will use that for this how-to.  I will be showing you all how to use Live Writer with WordPress at some time in the future, but as WordPress is now the default blogging platform in Writer, its as easy to set up as Live Spaces originally was.

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Beginning Blogging 10. Menu’s Pages and Tabs, oh my!

Most themes on WordPress allow you to add a Custom Menu to your blog page, where you can provide ‘click through’ tabs for your readers to access other areas. These can be either pages, such as About Me, or alternatively other blogs or websites. So let’s set up our Custom Menu. We’ll begin by creating a page about ourselves, and we’ll include a sort of résumé and a photo so that our viewers can find out more about the author of this blog.

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