From Spaces to Wordpress step by step. General Settings.

4. Changing those General Settings.

In later posts, we will continue to tweak our new theme by giving it a header and a background, but for the next few posts, I intend to take you through adjusting the basic settings that you may need to change in your WordPress Dashboard. I feel that the Dashboard is one of the best there is, but it contains so many areas to tweak and set up, that it can be a daunting task to anyone who is new to It would take far too many posts for me to cover every single choice and area covered by the Dashboard, so I intend to only cover those areas that I feel are the most likely to need changing by most new users. So, let’s make a start shall we?

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From Spaces to Wordpress step by step. Choosing a theme.

3. Choosing a new Theme.

As soon as your new blog on WordPress has been set up, you will be assigned the Twenty Ten default theme. This theme is pretty versatile. You can choose to use your own header and select your own background, either a base colour or alternatively a background picture. So Twenty Ten allows you to personalise it and make it look pretty unique and different to other blogs on WordPress that use this same theme. Twenty Ten already gives some different choices of header pictures for you to choose from.  However, if this default theme is not to your taste, then its fairly easy to choose another one instead. Maybe you intend to use your new WordPress blog as a photo display blog and would prefer a darker background or a wider area in which to show off your pristine photos?  Whatever your personal tastes and requirements, there is sure to be at least one theme on WordPress that will fulfil your needs.

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The new official tweet button added to

twitter blogIt was only yesterday that Twitter announced the launch of their official Tweet button and so sooner hd they done so than followed with an announcement that the new tweet  button was now included as an option for all blogs on So for all of you who have a blog on WordPress, here is an how-to enable the official Tweet button to all of your posts.

Go to your blogs Dashboard and from the Appearance list in your sidebar, click on Extras.

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Beginning Blogging 12. Social Blogging.

I think that one of the most enjoyable sides to Blogging, unless you happen to keep your blog private of course, is the socialising side of it. I have found that when compared to forming online friendships via other social network methods such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter, blogging is the only way that you can feel confident that you know the person concerned and can decide whether you feel comfortable in forming an online friendship with them. Because of the more detailed information contained inside their blog posts, its easier to feel as if you actually know that person even if they live at the other side of the world from you and you will probably never meet each other in person. It would be very difficult to do this from the limited insight you can gain from a short sentence or a 140 letter comment!  So how do you find other peoples blog posts to read them and then form any online friendships on Blogger or WordPress?

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Beginning Blogging 11. Slideshow’s and Galleries.

If you have a photo portfolio type blog, or if you simply want to include some photos for the readers of your blog perhaps to illustrate its contents, then its a good idea to familiarise yourself with using the Gallery and Slideshow features which are available to you on These two features become available once you have uploaded some photos or pictures to your Media Library on WordPress. Let’s take a look shall we?

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Beginning Blogging 10. Menu’s Pages and Tabs, oh my!

Most themes on WordPress allow you to add a Custom Menu to your blog page, where you can provide ‘click through’ tabs for your readers to access other areas. These can be either pages, such as About Me, or alternatively other blogs or websites. So let’s set up our Custom Menu. We’ll begin by creating a page about ourselves, and we’ll include a sort of résumé and a photo so that our viewers can find out more about the author of this blog.

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Beginning Blogging 8. the Wordpress Dashboard.

Just as with the Blogger Dashboard, the WordPress Dashboard is where you have total control over all the settings for your blog. At first glance it can appear quite daunting to a newbie because their appears to be a lot going on on the one page, but just take your time to familiarise yourself with the layout (which can be altered by the way) Because these posts are for anyone new to blogging, I intend to only concentrate on those areas that someone new needs to familiarise themselves with, so let’s take a look shall we?

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Beginning Blogging 5. Adding Pages.

In this post I am going to show you how to add some pages to Blogger. This ability to add some pages to your blogger Template is a recent addition but a welcome one. What are pages? Well, they can be anything you like but are usually used for giving your readers more information about yourself such as an About Me page, so the Page tabs that are usually used by others Bloggers tend to take you to more information, other blogs, other sites etc.

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Beginning Blogging. 2. Setting up your Blogger Profile.

For these next posts,  I plan to work my way through using the Blogger Dashboard. This is your ‘control centre’ for your blog, and its fairly comprehensive in content. Because it can be quite complicated to understand and set up for anyone who is new to Blogger, I intend to tackle this area in separate posts because I want to be as detailed as possible. If you have already set up all of your Dashboard to your satisfaction, then you can simply wait until I tackle those areas where you might need more information and guidance.

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Windows Live Writer. the new Wave 4 version.

I have recently been putting the new beta version of Live Writer through its paces, and I thought that some of you might be interested in my findings.  For most WordPress users there are some very useful  new features available in the Ribbon Interface and I will feature some of these now.

The first welcome addition for WordPress users is the ability to not only go straight to your dashboard from the ribbon, but also to be able to manage your comments as well as go straight to your blog. I think that WordPress users will really welcome this new feature.

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