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Problems with your Hotmail upgrade? August 2010


Grundig GUFSDTR500HD Freesat DTR review. January 2010


Moving your Photo Albums over from Windows Live To WordPress. September 2010
39 comments and 9 Likes on


Windows Live Essentials 2011. Live Photo Gallery. November 2010
101 comments and 1 Like on,


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From Spaces to WordPress step by step. Adding some Widgets.

8. Adding some Widgets.

As most of you ex Spacers will be aware, on Live Spaces, you could add a variety of Modules to your Spaces page.  Well, you can do the same thing on WordPress. The difference is they are referred to as Widgets. Usually they will be added to your other column on your Home page known as the Sidebar.  Depending on which theme you have chosen to use, this might be on the left hand side of your writing area, or the right hand side.  You can place as many Widgets in your sidebar as you wish, and most themes also allow you to also make use the area underneath your main post area as well for Widgets. Adding Widgets is fairly easy to do, so let’s add some shall we?

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Beginning Blogging 8. the WordPress Dashboard.

Just as with the Blogger Dashboard, the WordPress Dashboard is where you have total control over all the settings for your blog. At first glance it can appear quite daunting to a newbie because their appears to be a lot going on on the one page, but just take your time to familiarise yourself with the layout (which can be altered by the way) Because these posts are for anyone new to blogging, I intend to only concentrate on those areas that someone new needs to familiarise themselves with, so let’s take a look shall we?

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Taking a look at

In this post I am taking a look at I tend to think of WordPress. com as far more ‘conservative’ both in its choice of themes for the user and also its user interface or dashboard. So for me personally its where I place my more ‘techy type’ blog rather than my more personal daily diary blog. Let’s take a look at shall we?

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Windows Live, stats and nostalgia.

Seeing as I have been so bored waiting for the new Wave 4 updates to arrive,  I thought I’d do some ‘homework’ on the Windows Live site itself. Who uses it? How many users per month? Are there less users now than there were last year? What sort of user is the ‘average user’ of Windows Live? What do users search for and what do they mainly use when they are on the site?   These are questions I often ask myself as a Windows Live user, and so I recently did a search for a ‘Social Site statistics’ site and found Alexa.

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