Blogging with Windows Live Writer 2011. 4. Inserting Everything bar the kitchen sink.

Insert Ribbon.

Up until now during this tutorial, we haven’t moved from the HOME ribbon, which has contained most of the choices that we needed to make.  We’re now going to take a closer look at the INSERT ribbon, where there are lot’s of other things we can insert into our blog posts.

1. Click on the INSERT tab above the ribbon. Immediately the ribbon changes to a much more detailed one featuring everything that you can insert into your blog posts. Let’s take a look at all the other things we can insert into our posts shall we? 

Insert ribbon

As you can see from this screen shot, we can insert (under the Break area) a Horizontal line, a Clear Break and a Split post. (The latter being where you can post a short summary to be shown on your Home page, and then continue to read the full post by clicking on ‘more’ etc. You can also add a Table into your post, and under the Media area of the ribbon, we have the previous Hyperlink, Picture and Photo Album (which work in exactly the same way as before) Video, Map, Post Tags and Emoticons to show your readers how you are feeling at that time in your post.

Lastly you can add some Plug-ins to Writer which add enhancements such as the Facebook plug-in or Twitter plug in, which automatically send an update to either as you publish a post. Let’s try working our way through the BREAKS area first.

2. Click on Horizontal Line.

A line is then placed inside your post. Next, try the Clear break choice.
Your cursor will do a return and move to a new line.  Next let’s try out the Split Post.

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Beginning Blogging 12. Social Blogging.

I think that one of the most enjoyable sides to Blogging, unless you happen to keep your blog private of course, is the socialising side of it. I have found that when compared to forming online friendships via other social network methods such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter, blogging is the only way that you can feel confident that you know the person concerned and can decide whether you feel comfortable in forming an online friendship with them. Because of the more detailed information contained inside their blog posts, its easier to feel as if you actually know that person even if they live at the other side of the world from you and you will probably never meet each other in person. It would be very difficult to do this from the limited insight you can gain from a short sentence or a 140 letter comment!  So how do you find other peoples blog posts to read them and then form any online friendships on Blogger or WordPress?

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Blogging with windows live writer 6.

Hyperlinks and Tags.

In this post we’ll take a look at the Hyperlink choice in the Insert list of the Sidebar Menu on the right. What is a Hyperlink? It’s a link that takes your readers to a website or page, or even another of your blog posts when a particular word or sentence is clicked on. It’s useful to give your readers more information than they would normally get by just reading your post. For example, let’s say that you are blogging about a day trip that you just enjoyed to Carlisle. So that your readers can glean far more information about Carlisle than you could include in your post, you simply give them all the info they need about Carlisle by associating a ‘hyperlink’ with that particular word so that every time it is clicked on it takes the reader to a site with more information about Carlisle.

Let’s set that up in Writer shall we?

First of all, you need to find an information page about Carlisle, so go online and type into your search engine the word Carlisle. You should be able to find lot’s of great sites that describe what Carlisle has to offer. I am going to choose as my Hyperlink for the word Carlisle in my post.

Once you have decided which webpage to choose, just copy its URL by right clicking on it and choosing copy from the drop down list,  then return to Live Writer and click on Hyperlink under the Insert List.  A small window will open. In the top box, right click and then paste in your URL that you copied previously.

Auto link to this textIn the second box, type in the word Carlisle. Now you must decide whether or not you want that word to always take your readers to that particular site whenever it appears in your text.  If so, tick the lower box to always link to that word, then click on Insert. Most blogging  themes will automatically make the linked text either stand out from the rest of your text by highlighting it in a different colour or making it bold.  If this doesn’t happen you can do that yourself by highlighting it with your mouse (click and drag across the word or sentence)  then selecting Format from the top Menu tab and then either making it bold or choose a different colour. As you can see, this theme makes all Hyperlinks and links appear in green.  Now whenever someone clicks on that word in the rest of this  post, they will be able to find our more about Carlisle and what it has to offer. NOTE. Any Hyperlinked text is always underlined.

You can use a hyperlink for virtually anything you like. A shop, a town, I have used a hyperlink for a steam train journey I travelled on so that my readers could see more information about that particular engine. You can also link your readers to a previous post that you made some time ago as well.  You might be making a post and want to refer them to one of your older posts so just click again on Hyperlink, but this time instead of typing in an URL, click on the Link to box next to it and then select  Previous Post.   As long as your previous posts were made using Windows Live Writer they will be made available to you to link to. Your  last 50 posts will be available by default but you can alter that to up to 200 posts if you so wish!

In order to demonstrate this, I’ll do a Hyperlink to my very first post about Live Writer and I’ll link it to this sentence I am writing now. This is a link to my first Live Writer post.  You can also perform a Hyperlink simply by highlighting a word or sentence within your text and then right clicking on it. The list will include Hyperlink.

Linking back to a previous postNow let’s look at inserting Tags. What are tags? They are words describing your blog post and its contents that can easily be used by a search engine such as Technorati. Anyone wanting to see blogs about a particular subject would then be easily able to find your blog if that subject word has been included in a tag. In these posts, you’ll notice that I include the tags Windows Live Writer so that anyone trying to find posts or blogs about Live Writer would easily be able to find these posts via a search engine.

inputting some tags

Click on the Tags icon in the Insert list. In the large area is where you type your tags. What tags you use for your post is entirely up to you, but it makes sense to concentrate on just a few with key words that describe your blog post. Each word has to be separated from the next word by a comma. The search engines used for tags in Writer are Technorati, Live Journal, Flickr,, Ice Rocket, 43 Things and BuzzNet. And here are my tags.