Who Am I?

 Who am I? Good question. Most of the time I don’t know the answer myself!  I’m a mother, a Granny and a self confessed Geek. Since purchasing a computer for home about six years ago, I am truly addicted. I love to beta test new programs, I’ve tried most of the Linux OS’s out, I tested Vista (and loved it!) followed by Windows 7. You can usually find me on Windows Live which is my home on the Internet.

I first became aware of Windows Live  when it was in its infancy and at that time all of the Live programs were in beta. Although they all seemed to be aimed more at the younger user, I fell in love with them all  and I still use them  to this day.  During Windows Live’s life I have seen many changes applied to both the site and the desktop applications.  As a user I do not look forward to ‘cloud computing’ I’m firmly in the ‘desktop, keep my feet on the ground’ camp and never access any of my emails online for that reason.

I try to keep up to date with everything that’s new, I’m a very daring user to say how old I am, I’m not frightened to try new things out, in fact I love the challenge of learning any new application and how to use it.

Being retired with lot’s of time on my hands gives me an advantage that many others haven’t got. Time.  Lot’s of it. I love blogging, and have countless blogs scattered up and down the place. I am also a carer to my Down’s Syndrome daughter and she is usually my main subject of any  photos that I take and upload. that’s all for now  folks and thanks for visiting.


35 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. Ron Sharrad says:

    Hi! Much impressed by your review of GUFSDTR500HD. A question; has your box switched over to BST – some of my stations think we are still on GMT; any thoughts on this?



  2. technogran says:

    I’m sorry Ron, all I can suggest is to do a factory reset of your unit. Also contact Grundig via phone and let them know that your unit has not adjusted its time. It SHOULD adjust automatically but its best to let them know that in your case this hasn’t occured.

  3. Sandra Lee says:

    Like the new look!

  4. Meesho says:

    Hi TG ..

    Hope you’re doing well, I go straight to say that .. I NEED your HELP 😦 ..
    it’s something regarding WLM and the hotmail server itself. I put a picture in the display on the Messenger then it shows TO everybody on my profile .. I tried my best to delete then I figured it out. BUT the profile and the space or whatever STOP updating !!! I want to change that pic but nothing changed!, I changed the PM many times and the DP many many times, but that picture is STUCK!!! some ppl can see it but some others no!! WHY all of this? I can’t tell how much I hate it right now 😦 ..
    ANY HELP? PLEASE .. I sent 3 feedback to the support center no reply !!
    😦 😦
    Thanks ..

    • technogran says:

      Dear Meesho, do you mean your Avatar on Windows Live? The small picture that you can set up in Windows Live Messenger. You will have to give me more details before I can help you. Did you set up a picture as your Avatar in Windows Live Messenger on your desktop?
      It is a different one that is used on Windows Live (next to comments or on any of your pages such as Profile, Home etc.)
      Which one are you trying to change? Get back to me is it the one in Messenger or the one on Windows Live site?

  5. Meesho says:

    Hi again.

    this one:

    some ppl on my contacts can see it, some others no! ..
    ok just to let you know. it used to records everything, change names, dp, pm .. etc. but after I saw my picture I modified many premissions then I found how to delete the the latest updates. but the last dp I put is the one shows on my profile. I tried to remodify the premission but nothing update!! I want the feature of link the Messenger and the profile is back. I ticked that feature but it didn’t work 😦 !!
    btw, could you please send me your email to show the full path of the picture that stuck on the server?


    • technogran says:

      Meesho it might right itself as there is a lot going on with the site at the moment. Firstly check your browser. Clear all the cookies from your browser as this can sometimes cause things to go awry. Then try to change your permissions again.
      If it still doesn’t work then go here to Windows Live Solution Centre at http://windowslivehelp.com/ and ask your guestion there. I am sure that someone will be able to answer you as its the Live teams who give the answers.
      I’m afraid I cannot give my email address out to anyone. Sorry.

  6. Meesho says:

    Hi ,,

    I tried 😦 ..

    Ok thank you very much for your help ..
    actually I don’t want to get fight with my bro 😦 .. it’s personal pic which he doesn’t want me to put but it shows on my profile and stuck there! I hate it.
    so i thought you could help urgently not like the supporting center which may takes 2 days at least 😦 .. I would like to give my password which I didn’t do before!!! but this is sth very important to me 😦 ..

    thanks anyway (f)

  7. fotdmike says:

    Hey, super blog. I know exactly where to come now when all this damn technology gets the better of me!


    • technogran says:

      Your welcome to visit here, pull up a chair and make yourself at home anyrtime fotmke! I shall visit yours when I need cheering up AND I could do with lot’s of photography tips as well. You know the sort I mean, how to make sure you haven’t got your son’s foot in a shot, or someones’ elbow. How to take a good pic with a cheapo (well compared with those you use) camera, etc.

      • fotdmike says:

        Ah yeah… I know exactly the sort of thing you mean. Like how to change the battery without spending half an hour wondering why the camera doesn’t work.

        Just wish I could remember how to do that.


  8. Custom Computers says:

    HI my friend, Good to see your new second home on the net! Great job!

    • technogran says:

      Thanks Custom Computers and welcome to my ‘techy’ blog on WordPress. If you click those tabs up there you can also view my Diary blog and my favourite photos portfolio.

  9. Nice blog, TechnoGran. It’s good to see people helping others with well-written tutorials about technology. I especially like your WordPress tutorials.

    Best regards, Grandpa Shayne

  10. valzart says:

    Hi hun how do I like this blog I can’t see a like button anywhere only subscribe to this blog(which I have done) ;D love Valz – another not so clever technogran lol!

  11. Sasi says:

    Dear Mother, Granny and blogger, also a self confessed Geek,

    First thing first, Your really inspiring so does ur blog 🙂 and i hope to be like you one day .. here am seeking your help and need your suggestion to customize my blog http://sirupur.wordpress.com/ ..it seems like am also using the same the template as you use but am not am not able add more menus ..pls guide me how to add more menu..

    Thanks, Sasi E: mail address : sasiradhika.sirupur@gmail.com

  12. technogran says:

    Sasi some themes on WordPress do not allow more than one Menu but some do allow more than one. I will check this one for you and see if it allows more than one, if not then you are limited to just one I’m afraid. I’ll get back to you on your blog about this. OK?

  13. Sasi says:

    Thank you for your response, I was able to figure that out 🙂 BTW am really working hard to create awareness about donating blood .. i kindly request you to throw some light on donating blood in your blog ..

    From my part i have updated in my blog below :


    P.S – Sorry, i was not able to send this message in private since i did not have ur e-mail address


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  15. pfahrendorf says:

    Hello T.G.,
    I am new to this blogging so I was really glad to find your blog. You are a woman after my own heart. I too am a self confessed Geek. No where near the caliber you are but I love technology so am always willing to learn new things. That is why I started this blog. Hope to see your site again.


    • technogran1 says:

      Thanks, Haven’t posted on here for a while but will be doing so soon! A Review of one of our HD PVR’s and a comparison between two of them, then a work through of all of the Windows Live Essentials Suite for newbies! So stay tuned!

  16. marti norris says:

    Hi, I need help in uploading a photo to my solid black background header on WordPress. I have tried to do it on my own but am not making any headway. I would appreciate if you could help.
    Here is my blog and I want to add a photo onto the black background.


  17. I really like this blog!! I am a big fan of Windows Live, too.

  18. Nicolas Gallego says:


    I was wondering if you took paid guest posts on Technograns Blog? Not a traditional “guest post” but one you’d be compensated for and have complete editorial control over.

    I’m part of a business that does high-end brand placements worked into guest posts on a variety of subjects. Our posts don’t advocate or review our clients, they are informational and/or newsy. We include a reference link to our clients amongst other topical links inside the content. We’d provide the article, written by a domain expert, and pay you a bit of money for you to review and post it upon your approval.

    (If you don’t take guest posts, we also have arrangements where we discuss your upcoming post and find one in which a link makes sense and pay you to include it.)

    Is that something that you would be interested in and if so, how much would you want us to pay?


    Nicolas Gallego

    P.S. If you manage any other blogs that are open to sponsored articles I’d be interested in checking them out.

  19. Raven of Leyla says:

    This is such a wonderful and user friendly blog I admire what you have done here. I want to take this moment to nominate you for two awards for your lovely blog it is an inspiring piece of work you have done here. You may pick them up here: http://ravenofleyla.wordpress.com/2012/01/15/candle-lighter-award/
    The rules are to share them with some bloggers. If you have previouly received more than one award you may add it to your list. If you do not accept awards, that is fine too, no problem.
    Nonetheless, I appreciate blogging with you and think you are worthy of these and more. Keep up the good work!

  20. MOMconnected says:

    Hi TG!
    Thanks for the following MOMconnected!
    I love your blog and your perspective. Look forward to joining the conversation.
    I just posted my CES Wrap. What technology are you and your followers looking forward to this year?
    Happy New Year!

    • Technogran says:

      Thanks MOMconnected. I’m looking forward to the growth of Windows phone, also the growth of Google + as a social network as others use it, the launch over here in the UK of YouView which is going to be a personal video recorder using the Freeview HD platform and online channels, downloadable films, social networks etc.

  21. Hi there, I cam across your very well written blog whilst searching for a specialised trike my family and I hired in Spain last month.

    It is featured in one if your Posts whilst you were in St.Ives. Your photo shows a collection of bikes/trikes, but one in particular is exactly the one we hired and I am trying to licate the manufacturer cos I WANT ONE!!

    Its the 3 wheeler. 1 x adult seat pedalling and 1 x childs seat next to the adult. Basket on the rear. It was red, same as yours. The guy we hired it off said he found the one in Germany and shipped it over to Spain to hire out.

    Then I saw your photo!! Could you possibly tell me where you hired those trikes from so I could make contact? They were such fun to ride and my kids LOVED it!!
    Thanking you in advance!!
    Keep on blogging (I’m somewhat rubbish these days!!)

    • Technogran says:

      Julie, you will have to contact Haven holidays (not sure of their number I’m afraid) and the park that we stopped at was Riviere Sands. They may be able to shed more light on where you could acquire one from.

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