Review. 3View HD Freeview Personal Video Recorder.

I fully intended to write this review some time ago when the unit first launched, but as there were quite a few software problems with the unit, I decided to wait until the unit was fully stable before doing so. As the 3view team have now managed to eradicate practically all of the bugs that users were experiencing with this unit and also have been able to enable BBC iPlayer as well, then I feel that it now warrants a full review. In comparison to all the other Freeview HD PVR’s out there, the 3view unit contains some wonderful new ideas in my view that set it apart from the rest of the Freeview HD twin tuners available.

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Review. The Doro PhoneEasy 420gsm

Whenever searching in the past for a suitable mobile phone for my Down’s Syndrome daughter to use, I have always been annoyed at the fact that there simply wasn’t all that much choice around for a simple to use handset complete with a very large text display that she can easily see and use. As mobile phones become more and more like portable PC’s, mobile manufacturers need to be reminded that there are some mobile users who simply don’t need all these fancy features, instead requiring a simple to use mobile phone with which to make calls or send texts. Orange have now begun to stock the Dora PhoneEasy 410gsm mobile on Pay as you Go and soon to be available on contract. Although the phone is aimed at the more elderly user, its also ideal for someone with special needs as well.

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Grundig GUFSDTR500HD Freesat DTR review.

Having owned the Humax Foxsat HDR since its arrival but getting fed up of not having enough space for all my HD recordings on its 320GB hard drive, I decided to purchase the Grundig GUFSDTR500HD.  I chose this model over the Goodman’s simply because of its looks. During the last few days I have been putting this unit through its paces and also making some comparisons between it and its Humax counterpart and have decided to write a review hopefully to assist any other users who might be considering buying this model.

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