Windows Live Writer. the new Wave 4 version.

I have recently been putting the new beta version of Live Writer through its paces, and I thought that some of you might be interested in my findings.  For most WordPress users there are some very useful  new features available in the Ribbon Interface and I will feature some of these now.

The first welcome addition for WordPress users is the ability to not only go straight to your dashboard from the ribbon, but also to be able to manage your comments as well as go straight to your blog. I think that WordPress users will really welcome this new feature.

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TG’s Scottish Theme pack for Windows 7.

Here’s a Windows 7 theme I have made consisting of some of the photos I took on my recent visit to Scotland.  I would have included more photos in it, but unfortunately you are limited to 50MB’s upload to SkyDrive so I had to remove some of them.

Please feel free to download this theme and use it on your desktop.

Grab it here at!9862    All the included photos are in high definition and are some of my favourites taken during my stay.

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Flickr’s new Photo Page.

For those of you who make use of Flickr to store, share and display all of your photos (and also make friends into the bargain!) you might not have noticed the brilliant new Photo page which was released recently. Its not compulsory to use it, you can still use the older version if you wish, but its so fantastic with some very useful additions which are all available from that page that I thought I would post about it. 

First of all, your photos are now displayed in a larger size than was previously used in the old photo page. 

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Talking about the new Flock Browser.

I am currently testing out the new beta version of Flock which is now using Chromium as its base. I think the Flock team decided to use Chromium in preference to Firefox, which had formed the engine of all the previous versions of Flock, simply because its faster. As Flock has always been far more than a simple browser, with its ability to allow the user to access all of their social feeds from the one ‘My World’ page, then obviously all of that extra data takes more time to load and access, and Flock was tending to become slow and cumbersome.

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